Joan Jett admires Miley Cyrus’ bravery

The Cut caught up with Joan Jett at NY Fashion Week, and asked her about Miley Cyrus:

… Jett supports Miley just being Miley. “I think she’s finding her way and trying to come out of what she started as. And I think it’s absolutely valid — you go this way and you go that way and you try to find a center. She’s being bold about it, and I admire that sort of bravery,” Jett said. “It’s tough, especially these days when you’ve got so much social media and everybody ready to take shots at you. It’s even harder to be who you are and stay strong in your beliefs. You know, I admire the fact that she is trudging forward and doing what she feels is right for her.”

Read the rest here:

I agree with Joan–It takes a lot of bravery to define your own identity, especially when it’s different from what everybody else wants to see. We all go through this growing up, but most of us are lucky enough to not be in the public eye at the same time. Also lucky for us–and for Miley–we have Joan to look up to!

#JoanJettIsClassy <— Can we get this to trend? 😀

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