2010 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Concerts

These archives are incomplete and subject to error. If you have any updates or corrections for the archive, please add them to the comments or email born2bjetthead@gmail.com with “Concert Archive Update” as the subject.

A link will appear in the “More info” column if I have opening bands, set lists, photos, or reviews documented for the show.


Date (M/D/YYYY) Location Venue More info*
1/23/2010 Park City, Utah, United States Harry O’s More info
2/12/2010 Newkirk, Oklahoma, United States First Council Casino More info

*If available.

**NOTE: A show is only added to the archive after the event has taken place. For current or upcoming Joan Jett shows, please visit:

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6 thoughts on “2010 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Concerts

    • Hi! Thanks Brad. I’m sorry it took so long to approve your comment, as I had family stuff to do all week. I have all of the 2010 dates and I will update them as soon as I can. I have to rework how the pages are linked together to make it easier to navigate. Take care, and keep rockin’!

  1. Joan and the blackhearts played before Green Day in Sweden at july 5. Its was awsome and the best moment in my life, to bad that some stupid swedish people don’t know who she is …

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