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Photo by Mark Abrahams for V Magazine

Joan Jett’s conversation with Miley Cyrus in the “Heroes” issue of V Magazine is now online at The article is two pages online and one page in the print version, which I bought today at Barnes and Noble.

Read it here:

Here’s a snippet — I love this:

MC There has been nothing I’ve ever heard you say that I didn’t believe. You were always very genuine. I always connected to that. We all have that commercial song that everyone loves, but every song on the album shouldn’t be only about that. I can listen to your albums and feel like I know you, or like I’ve met you.
JJ I think the trick is making sure you’re always making the music not only for yourself, but for the fans. Hopefully, Miley, you’ve learned that from me.

MC More than that, also knowing how to treat people. I always get nervous to meet somebody who I look up to because you’re like, “Shit, what if they’re not as cool in person, what if they’re not really what they sing about?” I think the reason I love you even more now that we’ve met is that everything you sing about in your songs is who you really are. You see it in the way an artist treats people when they’re not on stage.
Thank you. I have to thank the parents for that. It is important how you treat people. If you have an interaction with a fan, whether it’s from the stage and it’s the meeting of the eyes or a smile, or if you meet someone and shake hands and sign an autograph, those are moments that they remember forever. If you’re nice and you’re kind and you’re caring—oh my God, that’s never going to be forgotten! But if you’re a bitch and you have better things to do, they remember that too. That’s not how I want to be remembered, because it’s not who I am.

Joan Jett & Miley Cyrus in the Heroes issue of V Magazine

Miley Cyrus chose Joan Jett as her hero in the September “Heroes” issue of V Magazine, on sale now. From

Channeling her inner fangirl, Cyrus, 18, chatted with the 52-year-old Runaways singer, whom she nominated for the September “Heroes” issue of V Magazine.

“People see me as this perfect Disney star, and the moment I put out a record that says ‘I’m not 11 years old anymore,’ people look down on me,” Cyrus said. “That’s why I have always looked up [to] you. When you came out people were shocked that there was a chick that wanted to rock as hard as the guys.”

Jett, in turn, expressed her admiration for the former Disney star, who has it much harder with the press than she did.

“I was thinking to myself … how difficult it must be to lead your life as a teenager with the paparazzi and the amount of press you’re surrounded by,” she told Cyrus. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow that was kind of a blessing that we didn’t have that stuff when I was growing up in The Runaways.’ ”

Said Cyrus: “I love that you never apologized for who you were. It’s something I had to learn. … I’m sick of feeling as if I owe someone an apology for being who I am.”

Ditto, Miley. DITTO.

Miley Cyrus is currently our most outspoken celebrity Jetthead; she has been mentioning Joan in interviews and performing her songs live for the last few years. Joan and Miley also performed together on Oprah earlier this year.

Maybe Miley will help us get #HappyBDayJoanJett to trend on 9/22? Pretty please, Miley?!? 🙂

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Joan Jett on Oprah: Recap

Oprah Winfrey celebrated Rock Goddesses on her April 13 show, and united them with younger artists that they inspire. Stevie Nicks did a heart-stopping version of “Landslide” with Sheryl Crow, and Joan Jett sang a medley of “Bad Reputation”, “Cherry Bomb”, and “I Hate Myself for Loving You” with Miley Cyrus. Also featured: Pat Benetar, Salt-N-Pepa, and Sister Sledge.

Joan looked and sounded fantastic! The interview was too short, as always, but Joan looked like she was enjoying herself, and that’s all that matters. I’m not a fan of Miley’s music, but I can tell she’s a genuine fan and I think her voice works well with Joan’s music.

Read a transcript of the interview and watch a video of the performance at HERE. (You have to click through a few pages to see it all. Joan is on pages 5 through 8. The link to the video itself is HERE.)

Take Oprah’s Rock Goddess lyrics quiz — there are THREE Runaways questions and one Joan Jett question: HERE

Joan’s performance on Oprah caused her to be a world-wide trending topic on Twitter, and caused Joan Jett and The Blackhearts’ Greatest Hits CD to jump in the rankings on

Watch the video on YouTube:

Video: Miley Cyrus sings “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”


Some of us Jettheads are still reeling from the Britney Spears ILRNR* debacle, so I don’t know how you guys will receive this. Personally, I think Miley sounds pretty good. I’m interested to see how her musical style changes as she grows up. I hope she rocks out more!

And thank goodness Miley at least knows who Joan Jett is. She told Matt Laurer on the Today Show in August that she listens to Joan often. Daddy Cyrus raised her right. 🙂