RIP Kim Fowley (1939-2015)

R.I.P Kim

My heart goes out to Joan, and all the friends and family of Kim Fowley, who passed away Thursday, January 15. He means more to the music industry than just The Runaways. Check out his extensive discography of both his own music and his work with others at and on Wikipedia.

Michael Des Barres said, “I learned and laughed and was in awe of Kim Fowley for over 40 years. There has never been a character in rock ‘n roll like him, and there never will be. “Be happy” was the last thing he said to me.” Listen to Michael’s Sirius XM radio tribute to Kim here.

Remembering Kim in the media:

Rolling Stone:

Rolling Stone – David Fricke’s playlist:

Ultimate Classic Rock:


L.A. Times Obituary:

L.A. Times Appreciation:

New York Times:

Reactions around the web:


THE RUNAWAYS – Kim Fowley Interview Part 1

THE RUNAWAYS – Kim Fowley Interview Part 2

Joan Jett is a God!

The Tomorrow Show

Kim Fowley – Animal, Man – 1968

Ally Oop, The Hollywood Argyles

Best scene in The Runaways (my opinion) 🙂 – Kristen Stewart and Michael Shannon 🙂

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