Celebrity Super Bowl Poll Results

Joan Jett loves her football!


From the late 1980’s to 2013, Scripps Howard polled celebrities and public figures for their predictions on which NFL team would win the Super Bowl. The celebrity who came closest to predicting the actual score won the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award.

Joan Jett participated in this poll every year from Super Bowl 35 until the poll ended in 2013. She correctly predicted the winners in eight consecutive Super Bowls, with nine total correct predictions, although she never won the Super Sage Award. When the poll ended, Joan was the last holder of the longest unbroken winning streak, a title she took from Bill O’Reilly in Super Bowl #44.

Poll Trivia

  • At eight consecutive wins, Joan is tied with Haley Joel Osment’s 2000-2007 winning streak.
  • Joan’s winning streak started in 2006 with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win in Super Bowl #40.
  • Before her streak started, Joan had a 1-4 record, with only a 20% winning percentage. In 2013, her winning percentage was 75%.
  • The closest Joan has ever come to winning the Super Sage Award was 2013, when she tied for second place with Vanilla Ice and Erin Burnett.
  • Joan has picked the NFC 7 times and the AFC 6 times.

Poll Statistics

Total Predictions 13
Total Wins
Total Losses
Winning Percentage 75%
Total Consecutive Wins 8
Current winning streak 2006-2013

(NOTE: Scripps has removed the articles about the previous polls, so most of the links below will not work. If I find other sources, I will update the links.)

Joan Jett’s prediction results–correct predictions are in blue and bold

Super Bowl Year Joan Jett’s Prediction Actual Winner and Score
#47: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers 2013 Baltimore, 31-28
Baltimore, 34-31
#46: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots 2012 New York, 38-35 New York, 21-17
#45: Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Green Bay, 38-24 Green Bay, 31-25
#44: New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts 2010 New Orleans, 45-33 New Orleans, 31-17
#43: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals 2009 Pittsburgh, 24-17 Pittsburgh, 27-23
#42: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots 2008 New York, 35-21 New York, 17-14
#41: Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears 2007 Indianapolis, 28-14 Indianapolis, 29-17
#40: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks 2006 Pittsburgh, 31-14 Pittsburgh, 21-10
#39: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles 2005 Philadelphia, 35-28 New England, 24-21
#38: New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers 2004 Carolina, 31-21 New England, 32-29
#37: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders 2003 Oakland, 31-17 Tampa Bay, 48-21
#36: New England Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams 2002 New England, 28-24 New England, 20-17
#35: New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens 2001 New York, 20-10 Baltimore, 34-7


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