Happy Birthday Joan!

♥ Happy Birthday Joan! ♥

We love you because you’re Different, Pure and Simple. You are Notorious for your Unvarnished sound that appeals to Everyday People.

You can sweep us away with your Good Music if we’re in the front row or A Hundred Feet Away. It’s your gift.

Jettheads are Misunderstood and take a lot of Backlash – we are more than Outlaws wrapped in Black Leather, but no one understands that our black hearts are just as vulnerable as theirs are. Explaining that you’re more than just I Love Rock ’N’ Roll — over and over — can be Torture, but we’re happy to do it. If there’s one thing Jettheads are known for, it’s that we Don’t Surrender.

They’ll just never understand that our magic is young. Our fists stay up for you, Joan, whether it’s socially acceptable or not. Even when it takes 12 years for an Album to see the Light of Day. And we don’t care if Everyone Knows.

It’s Hard to Grow Up, and Love Hurts. Sometimes everything feels like it’s about to break. But even when we’re Treading Water, and doubting our Fake Friends (Who can you trust?) — when we’ve Had Enough of all the Little Liars, and we’re Frustrated by our jobs, there’s still ONE THING we can count on: YOU. Right ’Til The End.

We’re Here to Stay, Joan, in Any WeatherIt’s a bond that can never be broken. Love like this just can’t be bought. Together, we can Change the World.

And if people insist on making fun of us today? Well, that would be Too Bad On Your Birthday, but we don’t really give a damn. Just Play That Song Again, Joan. (I seriously don’t care which one, just, anything. 😎 )

Born to be Jetthead

Well, for several years now I’ve tried to get #HappyBirthdayJoanJett to trend on Twitter, or anywhere, and so far I’ve failed miserably. So this year I put together this piece – does it qualify as a poem? The bolded text is all either albums, song titles, or lyrics related to Joan and The Runaways – did I miss anything? 😊

I don’t think this idea is 100% new, so if you’ve seen anything similar that you think I should post/link to here, send it in the comments!

(Header image credits HERE.)

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