Happy Birthday, Joanie! I hope you’re as excited about this day as the Jettheads are. πŸ™‚

We’re all looking forward to another year of your Blackheart-style rock-and-roll to keep our engines running. Thank you for everything you do for us, and for always being our light. Have a great day with your friends and family, and don’t work too hard!



(Wow, that was actually kind of nice. Simple, and to the point. A far cry from the long-assed emo crap I used to send in her birthday cards when I was a kid. Maybe I’ll bust one of those out for you guys to laugh at later. :D)

Let’s get this party started with some cool Joan Jett birthday graphics from WannabeJett and @Gek_Ina12. I’ve got loads of other birthday goodies pre-scheduled for you, Jettheads, so stay tuned throughout the day! Enjoy!

(And don’t forget to tweet HappyBDayJoanJett to all of your followers, if you’re into Twitter. Let’s try to make it a trending topic!)

From @Gek_Ina12

From WannabeJett, via email

From WannabeJett, via email

9 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN JETT 2011 edition

  1. Happy Rockin’ Birthday to you, beautiful Joanie !!! The day you were born gave the world the gift of your enormous rock n’ roll heart. My eternal love and adoration !!!

  2. Thanks, JJElektric, for hosting the party and kicking it off early – you’re the best ! I planned on being one of the first to show and the last to leave :). Will try to keep up all day with the festivities. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOANIE WE LOVE YOU here in MN !!

  3. happy birthday Joan, in this awful era of lame assed pop and rock music thank god for true rockers like you, i love you Joan, you are so real,beautiful and supremely talented, rock on Joan

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