Joan Jett is on Kim Fowley’s list of top 10 L.A. guitarists tapped Kim Fowley for his list of top L.A. guitarists, and Joan Jett comes in at #3:

3. Joan Jett

No, don’t cluck your tongues. Joan Jett is the female John Lennon/Keith Richards who has never quite gotten her due. I produced her with the Runaways and always thought she was a genius with a guitar. You know her sound anywhere, and she had that right from the start. Lead guitars get all the credit, but Joan is one of the best rhythm players in all of rock’n’roll.


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Recording The Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb”

Want to know where The Runaways recorded “Cherry Bomb” and what kind of equipment they used? On January 1st, Mix Online examined the history of the song with Runaways manager Kim Fowley and some of the people who helped bring it to life in the studio. The article also talks a bit about Kim’s history in the music business before The Runaways.

“Here’s your headline,” says musical genius Kim Fowley, who occasionally refers to himself in the third person. “‘Kim Fowley and the Runaways recorded “Cherry Bomb” in a store room on purpose. We didn’t have an equipment list. We barely had equipment. But we had a plan.’ Then everybody reads it, and this will be the best article you’ve written in 10 years.”

Fowley’s credit list also includes The Byrds, Warren Zevon, KISS, the Hollywood Argyles, Frank Zappa’s Mother’s of Invention, Cat Stevens, Alice Cooper, Jonathan Richman, BTO, The Germs and Nirvana, to name a handful of the acts that have capitalized on Fowley’s songs, productions and his keen, intangible sense of what music the public wants. And he says he knew he had something great from the moment he met Joan Jett, whom he has called the “musical child of Keith Richards and John Lennon.”

“Teenaged girls with guitars,” he states. “We knew it from the day it started. And we were in a hurry. It only took 17 weeks for the band to form, rehearse, play, learn songs and get a deal with Mercury Records, with no demo.”

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It’s a three-page slice of Runaways history. Enjoy!