“The Runaways” Movie Trailer Preview!

The first trailer for The Runaways will be released tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on MTV.com. (Update: Sorry, I meant to type “mtv.com” the first time, but accidentally left off the “.com”.) Read more HERE:

ET aired a sneak peak tonight:


Here’s a longer clip:


Here’s a few screencaps and gifs from the ET footage. See the rest HERE. (Thanks @kstewartnews and @FierceBitchStew.)

Aaaaaah!!! I am officially afraid to leave my house so I don’t miss anything else! I don’t really need to Christmas shop, look for a job, clean my house, or love my husband, do I? #joking

4 thoughts on ““The Runaways” Movie Trailer Preview!

  1. Can I just add that I am COMPLETELY amazed at how GREAT the girls look. And I don’t just mean physical appearance. I mean their mannerisms too. And their sound. I am officially over the top excited about this movie…you know there was the nervous thought of…”are they going to be able to pull it off?” Well the answer is a resounding HELL YA’!. Next year is going to be very exciting 🙂

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