“The Runaways” Teaser Trailer: Who Is Singing Lead?

[UPDATE: Cherie Currie confirmed in the comments below that Dakota Fanning is singing lead on “Cherry Bomb” by herself.]

So, who is singing lead on “Cherry Bomb” in The Runaways teaser trailer, anyway?

It never occurred to me to question it, since I know that Cherie Currie sang “Cherry Bomb” on The Runaways album in 1976 and Live in Japan in 1977. Therefore, Dakota Fanning must be singing lead, with Kristen Stewart singing backup, of course.

But fans are speculating all over the web that it could be Kristen singing lead in the trailer, and not Dakota.

Fueling this debate is a Spin.com article from last week which states:

“Yep: the revamped music of “Cherry Bomb” features lead vocals from the vampire-lover herself.” [Obviously referring to Kristen.] SOURCE

While some fans think Kristen is singing lead and others think it’s Dakota, a few are saying that Dakota sings “Hello Daddy, hello Mom,”  Kristen sings “Hello world I’m your wild girl,” and they both sing the “Cherry Bomb” parts. After listening to the trailer again, and again, this argument appears to have merit. The “Hello world” line doesn’t sound quite the same as “Hello Daddy.”

But I wasn’t convinced that it was Kristen, so I took the question to the Sinners message board and asked the Jettheads.

Here’s what we think: It sounds like Dakota Fanning and Cherie Currie’s vocals are blended together. We don’t have any official sources for this information, but based on what we know of Cherie’s voice and how the band sang “Cherry Bomb” with her, this is the most likely explanation to us. We don’t know if all of Dakota’s vocals were recorded that way, or if they just mixed the trailer like that. The close-ups of Kristen singing appear to be from a different scene because Kristen isn’t wearing the red jumpsuit, so whatever she is singing there may not be “Cherry Bomb” at all:

Kristen is wearing a big, black, shoulder-pad outfit here. Not the red jumpsuit.

The verdict: It is very difficult to determine anything from a movie’s trailer, let alone a teaser trailer. What we see and hear in the final movie will look and sound very different from this trailer. We shouldn’t sweat it. Yet.

Have no fear, KStew fans. Joan sang lead on many Runaways songs, both before and after Cherie left the band. Kristen had plenty of opportunities to sing lead in The Runaways. Hear a few after the jump.

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“The Runaways” Teaser Trailer; Official Movie Website

MTV posted the trailer a little early. I wonder if they’ll show a longer one tomorrow morning?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to kstewartfan.org for the tip!


The official Runaways movie website is also up. There’s not much to it yet, but I’m sure it will be updated before the movie premiers. Check it out:


“The Runaways” Movie Trailer Preview!

The first trailer for The Runaways will be released tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on MTV.com. (Update: Sorry, I meant to type “mtv.com” the first time, but accidentally left off the “.com”.) Read more HERE:

ET aired a sneak peak tonight:


Here’s a longer clip:


Here’s a few screencaps and gifs from the ET footage. See the rest HERE. (Thanks @kstewartnews and @FierceBitchStew.)

Aaaaaah!!! I am officially afraid to leave my house so I don’t miss anything else! I don’t really need to Christmas shop, look for a job, clean my house, or love my husband, do I? #joking