Kristen Stewart on the cover of Interview Magazine

Dennis Hopper interviewed Kristen Stewart for the October issue of Interview Magazine. There’s an excerpt on their website that you can see HERE. (The pictures are great!) Here’s the only mention of Joan so far. When the issue comes out I’ll get it and let you know if they say any more about Joan or The Runaways movie:

Between filming Twilight sequels, Stewart did a turn as Joan Jett in Floria Sigismondi’s new rock-band biopic The Runaways; even her hair for the film—which was chopped and dyed to mimic Jett’s late-’70s shag—inspired reams of media critique.

This reminds me of when Interview Magazine did an awesome interview with Joan in August of 2006:

Joan Jett’s new album, Sinner (Blackheart), has the muscle of industrial punk plus the elemental sweetness of ’60s girl groups. It’s also something completely itself, like a cat coming into the room with its tail up, not because it wants to be petted, but because it’s on business–cat business.

See the rest of that blast-from-the-past HERE.

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