Interview with the prop supplier for ‘The Runaways’

History for Hire’s Jim Elyea talked with Collectors Weekly about his work recently. He mentions The Runaways about half-way down:

Around a dozen people work for History for Hire. Each person specializes in a specific area. For instance, we had propped a show about the Runaways, the girl group in the ’70s, and as happened, Seiji Kobayashi is not only the head of our musical department but an enormous Runaways fan who went to see simulcasts of them when they went to Tokyo, which is a big part of the movie. So he actually went on set and helped with the instruments and tech advice, not only on the musical stuff but on Japan, too. He made these special paper fans for the girls in the audience, which was apparently really common to very traditional Japanese fans, and he put messages on them for the people on stage. Without Seiji, we never would’ve known about that.

Read the rest HERE. Fascinating stuff. Thanks to sadiehawk24 on the Joan Jett message board for the tip! And thanks to fellow Runaways fan Seiji Kobayashi for helping to make The Runaways such a beautiful film!

US Fans: The Runaways movie is now on Starz!

The Runaways premiered last night on Starz. I fell asleep to it. 🙂

If you subscribe to Starz, check your local listings. It’s also on On Demand for many cable providers.

Read about The Runaways on Starz’s website HERE.

“The Runaways” nominated in the 2010 Classic Rock Awards

Winners of Classic Rock Magazine’s 2010 Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards will be announced this November, and The Runaways has been nominated!

Kristen Stewart’s film The Runaways – the biopic of Joan Jett’s 1970s band – will be pitted against The Doors: When You’re Strange, Oil City Confidential, Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder, and Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage in the DVD/Film of the Year category.

Alice Cooper will host the event at London’s Roundhouse venue on November 10.


The winner of this category is chosen by the staff of Classic Rock Magazine, not by popular vote, so maybe The Runaways stands a chance this time. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were both nominated for Choice Movie Actress: Drama, and The Runaways was nominated for Choice Movie: Drama in the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, but all three lost to Sandra Bullock and The Blind Side.  I really can’t be mad. It’s Sandra Freaking Bullock!

There are five categories that readers of Classic Rock Magazine are able to vote on: Best New Band, Album of the Year, Band of the Year, Event of the Year, and Reissue of the Year. Click here to vote.

I really hope The Runaways beats the Rush movie, for obvious reasons. 😀 Although, I’m really not allowed to hate Rush, since I am married to one of their biggest fans. (#Irony) May the best film win!

Vote for “The Runaways” in the Teen Choice Awards

There’s still time to vote for The Runaways for best drama in the Teen Choice Awards!

Click HERE to vote. You either have to be a teenager to vote or be able to pretend to be one. 😉

The Teen Choice Awards air Monday, August 9, at 8 PM Eastern on Fox. They will be taped on Sunday, August 8th.

I REALLY hope The Runaways can win this. It deserves to win something!

“The Runaways” on DVD & Blu-Ray TODAY!!


Here’s the DVD/Blu-Ray trailer:



Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

“The Runaways” #1 on iTunes!

The Runaways was the #1 purchased movie on iTunes! (Thanks @KStewAddiction!)

The top 10 movie sales on iTunes keeps changing, and as I type this The Runways is currently sitting at #2, but earlier The Runaways did hold the top spot:

The Runaways #1 movie on itunes on Twitpic


(I would love to say “F-U Apparition,” but  they’re making money off of this deal too, so it’s not that powerful of an “F-U”, now is it?)

The Runaways was released on iTunes today, and will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, July 20th. Read more here.

“The Runaways” DVD countdown: 9 days left!

July 20th is only 9 days away!! Digital download is available July 13th — 2 days away!

Have you preordered The Runaways yet? The movie will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, July 20th.  iTunes will be available this Tuesday, July 13th!

7/14 CORRECTION: The iTunes version does not include the commentary track, but the DVD and Blu-Ray will. I’ve fixed this below:

Available on all three versions:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray only:

  • A commentary track with Joan Jett, Kristen Stewart, and Dakota Fanning. (YES!!)

Available on Blu-Ray only:

  • movieIQ+sync featuring THE RUNAWAYS playlist connects you to real-time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie!

Available on iTunes only:

  • Featurette, “Breaking the Mold: Blackheart Records,” in which Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna talk about Joan’s career after The Runaways and how Blackheart Records was formed.  (A story that us veterans can recite verbatim, but is a great inclusion for newbies! 7/14 Update: I’ve seen this, and it’s AWESOME. Joan and Kenny tell the story we all love in a new interview. It’s done in a fresh way and is really enjoyable to watch.)
  • Featurette, “The Runaways,” including interviews with the cast and crew.
  • An interactive discography.

New official website content:

The official movie website now promotes the DVD. The original theatrical content is linked at the bottom of the page, so we can still see all the goodies we had before.

The site also has a link to a Facebook game where you can enter to win prizes, including a Joan Jett Gibson Blackheart Melody Maker guitar. You need a Facebook account to enter.

More about the DVD and Blu-Ray discs:

These discs are Region 1 only (US and Canada). There are websites out there that can give you codes and instructions to make your DVD player region-free if you don’t want to wait for the discs to be released in your region. Some places also sell region-free DVD players. A Google search should point you in the right direction. I don’t know if iTunes is international or not.

“Joan Jett: Guitar Heroine” from UK’s Telegraph has a great article about Joan Jett, The Runaways, the movie, and the “Joan Jett” book by Todd Oldham. The author is a woman who listened to The Runaways in the 70’s. I want to meet her!

Here’s an excerpt:

Long before the Spice Girls shouted about Girl Power, or the music press ordained Riot Grrrl as the Next Big Thing, or Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin sang Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves, the Runaways looked to be the embodiment of liberation.

Except, of course, it wasn’t quite as straightforward as that; for like all the most memorable nursery rhymes and fairy tales, there is a dark twist. Little wonder the story has been retold for the Twilight generation in a Hollywood film starring Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie; beginning with a drop of blood on the ground (albeit menstrual, rather than vampiric). Why now, you might ask?

Well, why not? It’s an archetypal story – innocents tainted by experience on a roller-coaster ride of sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – released in a year when many of the Runaways’ original audiences have become parents to teenagers of their own.

Read the rest HERE.

Kristen Stewart turned down money to keep her hair for “Eclipse”

I didn’t think I could love Kristen Stewart more.

Kristen told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight earlier this week that she was offered a lot of money to not cut her hair for The Runaways. But she turned it down to give Joan Jett, and her fans, an authentic, sweaty, rock-and-roll performance. That is so “Joan Jett.” 😀

Here’s the video. Wig talk starts at 5:24. The Runaways movie gets a big cheer from the crowd too. 🙂


Thank you, Kristen! And BIG THANKS to Summit Entertainment for not going all “Tony Soprano” on Kristen for her choice. You all did a good thing.

Why “The Runaways” flopped, part two

Fans of Joan Jett and The Runaways have endured decades of incredulous stares from people who only think of Joan Jett in terms of “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll,” and have no idea that she has been making music and touring steadily since her first band in 1975. Fans of Kristen Stewart are desperate to prove that Kristen is more than just Bella Swan.

The Runaways movie was a sanctuary for all of us, even with all of its imperfections. But our joy at its creation has been tarnished by watching this rare gem of a film get treated like trash by the people responsible for its success. Continue reading

The Hillywood Show parody of “The Runaways”

The folks at The Hillywood Show are famous for their hilarious, spot-on parodies of popular movies, including Twilight, New Moon, and The Dark Knight.

They have turned their talents to The Runaways next, and shooting of the parody wrapped on June 8th. The video is due out this month.

I can’t wait!!

“The Runaways” DVD and Blu-Ray confirmed! July 20, 2010

MTV has confirmed that The Runaways will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 20, 2010, as we previously thought.

Read the full announcement HERE, at

Both formats of the movie will include commentary with Joan Jett, Kristen and Dakota, and two featurettes (“Plugged In: Making the Film” and “The Runaways”).

If you get the Blu-Ray, you will also be able to access movieIQ+sync with “The Runaways” playlist — a program that allows viewers to “to access real time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie via BD-Live.”

There will also be a few contests via the “The Runaways” official Facebook page to go along with the launch of the DVD starting June 18. Check back with the page (or Twitter or MySpace) to find out how you can win prizes by proving you have what it takes to be the ultimate Runaways groupie.

Don’t forget to vote for the “Runways” stars to win at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards (voting remains open until June 5th) and prepare to make July 20 the day you let off your ch-ch-ch cherry bomb!

This cover looks awesome! I hope Amazon updates their preorder pages with this image soon.

This should have been the poster

Thanks Mikey (@Jettrocker) for the email!

Tickets on sale for “The Runaways” at the Sydney Film Festival

The Runaways are on the schedule for the 57th Annual Sydney  Film Festival in Australia on Wednesday, June 9th and Saturday, June 12. Tickets are selling out fast!

Date Time Code Venue
Wed 9 Jun 9:00 PM 1397 The State Theatre
Sat 12 Jun 8:45 PM 1390 Event Cinema 9

Buy tickets HERE. The Sydney Film Festival runs from Wednedsday, June 2nd, through Monday, June 14th.

Congratulations on getting The Runaways, Australia! Let us know what you think.

Why “The Runaways” flopped, part one


Every time I think about this and try to write it down, I get sick to my stomach. Because I know that people who haven’t seen The Runaways are going to assume that the movie flopped because either:

  1. The movie sucked,
  2. The fans didn’t like it, or, even worse,
  3. The fans don’t exist and nobody cared enough to see it.

As Joan Jett is my witness, none of those is true. Continue reading

Preorder “The Runaways” on DVD and Blu-ray!

Sony will release The Runaways on DVD and Blu-ray!

The date is tentatively set for July 20th. I’ll keep you posted if the date changes.

Thanks to and various Twitter peeps.

2010 MTV Movie Awards: Vote for Kristen and Dakota

UPDATE: Voting for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards ends on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Don’t give up!

The nominees have been announced, and voting has begun for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have been nominated in the Best Kiss category for The Runaways, along with Kristen Stewart and some dude in that wolf movie (teehee). See the kiss in HQ and VOTE for Kristen and Dakota HERE.

That’s the film’s only official nomination. We all know Kristen and Dakota deserved to get nominated in the Best Female Performance category for their respective performances as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, but they didn’t.

But we can vote in another category and pretend it’s for The Runaways: Global Superstar — Kristen Stewart. If you loved Kristen as Joan, I think we should vote for Kristen in this category to make up for her lack of a nomination for her Joan Jett performance. Pretty nice consolation prize, huh? VOTE HERE and vote often–Robert Pattinson is nominated in the same category. Kristen needs all the help we can give her! I like this idea so much, I made a badge and I’ll put it in my sidebar so it’s always visible. Please share this on all your sites!

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards will air Sunday, June 6 at 9/8c.

‘The Runaways’ press interview videos

Hello peeps!

I was unemployed when I started this blog, and as of March 10th, I have been earning a real paycheck. My husband is happy, but I have had problems finding balance these last few weeks. I abandoned you during what was quite possibly the busiest Joan Jett and Runaways news month. I have over 44 days of unread Google alerts in my inbox.

But I think I’m finally settling into a rhythm, and I should be able to post here more often.

I’m going to start the spring cleaning fest by pulling together all of the non-Joan Jett press interviews surrounding The Runaways that I’ve missed over the last six weeks or so.  There are too many for one post, so I’ll group the videos from the various premieres into their own posts. I’m going to work through one batch a day until I’m all caught up.

Most of these are Kristen and Dakota, but I’ve got some Michael and Floria in here too. I can’t get enough of listening  to these people talk about our girls. They all make me so proud!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Continue reading

Top 10 reasons to see “The Runaways”

Hello Daddy, hello Mom: You need to take your kids to see The Runaways.

The film is rated R in the United States, but I’ve seen it three times, and I think that, with supervision, the movie is appropriate for 14- and 15-year-olds. Use your best judgment knowing your own kids, of course. See it yourself first. You are the parent, and you are in charge of your kids. Not me. But if I was in charge of the ratings board, I would have given The Runaways a PG-15 rating. (Which doesn’t exist, I know, but I think it should, especially in this case.)

  • There are two scenes of brief nudity, both of which are non-sexual and are mostly done for comedic effect. I think you’re allowed to do that in a PG-13 movie.
  • There is a lot of foul language, but simply hearing foul language isn’t going to turn your child into a degenerate.
  • These girls had a lot of sex at 15, and, while not downplayed in the movie, the sex is all implied. The only semi-explicit sex scene in the film does not involve any of the main girls.
  • These girls drank a lot and did a lot of drugs. But I don’t feel that the movie glorified the drug use or downplayed its negative effects. Kids drink and do drugs today, and pretending that they don’t will not protect them in any way. Talk to your children. Show them that they don’t have to self-medicate to find happiness. Show them that you love them. Help them to find what they’re good at and teach them how to dream. Teach them how to own their mistakes and fix them. And please forgive them.

*End of Public Service Announcement* On to the fun stuff!

Top 10 reasons to see The Runaways:

1. The music. Fans of The Runaways and Joan Jett are going to scream. (Not out loud, you’re in a movie theater!) Original versions of many Runaways songs are everywhere, and they sound awesome in a theater. Don’t rush out as soon as the credits roll. Stay until the last one, because if you don’t, you’re going to miss some great songs. I bounced and whispered along to the words. It would be nice to be able to see this movie in a room full of die-hards so I wouldn’t have to be so quiet.

2. Kristen Stewart. Kristen was born to be Joan Jett. One of my favorite Kristen scenes involves other characters talking in the foreground while Kristen’s Joan Jett is in the back of the room simply stretching and fidgeting. Kristen’s mannerisms as Joan are completely natural, and nothing seems like an afterthought or a put-on. Her singing and performances are authentic. Her voice does not match Joan’s tone-for-tone, but I didn’t want it to. I wanted to be able to hear Kristen’s inner Kristen-ness come through in her voice, and I did. A perfect sound-a-like performance would’ve been a slap in the face to everything The Runaways ever stood for. No one can honor Joan Jett’s individuality without first embracing her own. And Kristen definitely does. But there are a few things that Kristen does do spot-on, and they give me chills every time. A simple “How ya doin’?” gives me goosebumps.

3. Dakota Fanning. Dakota blew me away, pure and simple.  I can’t explain how without spewing a bunch of worn-out cliches, so I won’t. Her “Cherry Bomb” performance was brilliant. I wanted to clap and cheer with the crowd in the movie, but I couldn’t, so I just bounced up and down a lot. See #1.

4. The 1970’s. If you miss high-waist bell bottoms and polyester, this movie is for you. The film’s graininess puts you straight back to 1976. This is a great period film.

5. Stella Maeve. Sandy West’s story is the most tragic of all the Runaways, and is not depicted in the film in any detail. But every time Stella’s Sandy was on the screen I wanted to hug her. The pure joy she expressed while playing the drums was completely infectious, and I get the same feeling watching footage of the real thing. Read more about the real Sandy West HERE. Remember what I said earlier about talking to your kids? DO IT.

6. Hannah Marks. Hannah plays a friend of Joan’s, and she doesn’t have much screen time. But I thought she was cute.

7. Water guns and shower heads. *snicker*

8. Michael Shannon. Michael plays the creepy side of Kim Fowley well, but if you really pay attention, you can also see a bruised tenderness underneath. This film, as in real life, has no comic book villians. Just ordinary people, trying to be noticed in a world that ignores them. And succeeding.

9. The humor. Not everything in this movie is dark and depressing. I laughed out loud a lot, and so did the rest of the theater. Michael Shannon’s Kim Fowley delivers most of the funny lines, but the girls are funny too. See #7.

10. THE MUSIC. No, I didn’t get high and forget that I already mentioned this. You need to hear this music, and you need to hear it in a theater. Despite the drugs, despite the sex, and despite the truck-driver cussing, these girls COULD PLAY. They’ve written some of the best rock-n-roll songs in the world, and this movie does an excellent job of celebrating that. Joan Jett’s passion for music gave her the drive she needed to eventually kick booze and drugs. She has never lost her focus on her guitar, and this film portrays that very well. The Runaways, as in real life, has no comic book heroes. Just ordinary people, trying to be noticed in a world that ignores them. And succeeding.

Pittsburgh City Paper’s full-page ad for “The Runaways”

The Pittsburgh City Paper has a review and a full-page ad for The Runaways. The review isn’t online yet. I didn’t read it too carefully because I am still trying to protect myself from spoilers. I haven’t read any of the critics reviews, actually.

Full size @RunawaysFilm ad in The Pittsburgh City Paper (@PGH... on Twitpic

Have you seen any cool print ads in your hometown? How about TV spots? I haven’t seen any tv ads in Pittsburgh yet.

24 hours from now I’ll be at the midnight showing at the Cinemark Robinson!

Theaters showing “The Runaways” on April 9th

Theaters in the US have FINALLY started posting show times for The Runaways.

Larry Richman (@larry411) has posted a PARTIAL list of theaters on his blog HERE. He keeps updating it, but it’s not an exhaustive list.

Your best bet, besides calling all of your local theaters and checking your newspapers, is to look for showtimes at Fandango and Enter your zip code to search in your area. Check both sites because certain theaters only use one site or the other.

I am lucky enough to have three theaters to choose from in Southwestern Pennsylvania. They’re not the theaters I would normally go to, but they’re all less than an hour away from my house. I’m going to see it every day until it leaves my town. I want to be excited, but I can’t help but think of all of my friends all over the world who have to wait months to see it, or who may not get to see it at all until it comes out on DVD.

We must not give up!

1. If the movie is being shown anywhere that you can physically get to, go, and bring friends and family. (I know, I’m preaching to the converted here.) If the movie does well this week, more theaters in more areas could be added. There is still hope.

2. MTV is choosing the nominees for the MTV Movie Awards, and voting is open to the public. Vote HERE to get The Runaways on the ballot for Best Kiss, Best Female Performance (Both Dakota and Kristen are listed), and Best Movie. You can vote every few hours. The nominees will be announced May 11th, and then you can vote for the winners.

3. Keep promoting the demand, especially to other people in your area. I check it every day, and it keeps growing. Let’s keep it up! If you want to see how it’s doing globally:
— Click HERE to see the total number of people in the demand.
— Click HERE to see the number of different demands. Each city has its own demand.

Who wouldn't want to see THIS?!? Behind-the-scenes photo courtesy of Scout Taylor Compton (

FYI: Friday, April 9th is Kristen Stewart’s 20th birthday!