More Joan Jett pics from 9/23 Pittsburgh show

Hello everyone,

I didn’t expect to take this long to post these, but I had to reformat my hard drive and I just got everything back up.

Here’s more pictures from the Clean Energy Jobs Now! rally on 9/23. Click for bigger:

Oh, and since I took all of my scenery shots from the Smithfield Street Bridge, I thought you might like to read more about it:

2 thoughts on “More Joan Jett pics from 9/23 Pittsburgh show

  1. Hi JJ…great pictures. I especially like the two top ones of Joan where she is concentrating on her playing. Would you be ok with me copying those to put in my slide show on MySpace? Have you seen my slide show? It is mostly of Joan …I have a few pictures of Johnny Depp….I of course would give you photo credit since I know it’s you that took them. I won’t do it unless you give me your blessing. Thanks 🙂

  2. Yes, you can use them on your MySpace page. Just credit somewhere. Thanks! Oh, and check out the copyright notice on the left-hand side of this page under the disclaimer. You can share anything I write or any of my pictures as long as you attribute the source. The link to the left explains it in more detail. Thanks for asking!

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