[VIDEO]: NEW Joan Jett song with Laura Jane Grace!

Last night, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts performed in Ocala, Florida, and Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! joined them onstage to perform a BRAND NEW SONG – “Soulmates to Strangers.” Laura Jane wrote the song for Joan, and this is the first time The Blackhearts have ever performed it. I love it already!

“Soulmates to Strangers”

Laura Jane tweeted this last night too:

Thanks to Jeanne (@rhiannon224) for filming this! Joan also performed “Fragile” and “Make It Back” last night, so I’ll put those in here too. The Blackhearts have performed these before, but they’re the most recent additions to the live set. Enjoy!


“Make It Back”

We need a new album soon, Joan. Don’t make us wait too long! 🙂

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO]: NEW Joan Jett song with Laura Jane Grace!

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