Videos of the week: Joan Jett at Molloy College NY, Apr-26-2013

These vids are great! Does anybody know if the band played any of their new material last night?

Cherry Bomb

Do You Wanna Touch Me?

I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

Love Is Pain

Crimson and Clover

End of Crimson – into Hate Myself for Loving You

Band intros – Joan in NY KNICKS Jersey:

Everyday People

[VIDEO]: NEW Joan Jett song with Laura Jane Grace!

Last night, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts performed in Ocala, Florida, and Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! joined them onstage to perform a BRAND NEW SONG – “Soulmates to Strangers.” Laura Jane wrote the song for Joan, and this is the first time The Blackhearts have ever performed it. I love it already!

“Soulmates to Strangers”

Laura Jane tweeted this last night too:

Thanks to Jeanne (@rhiannon224) for filming this! Joan also performed “Fragile” and “Make It Back” last night, so I’ll put those in here too. The Blackhearts have performed these before, but they’re the most recent additions to the live set. Enjoy!


“Make It Back”

We need a new album soon, Joan. Don’t make us wait too long! 🙂

Videos of the week: Joan Jett at Casino Rama March 1 2013

I love seeing Joan interact with fans! More vids like this, please! Also love the quick vid of Joan running up to fans during “Crimson and Clover”!

Meet and Greet/Everyday People

Joan runs up to fans

I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll:

Crimson and Clover:

Video of the week: LITA FORD sings I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

To celebrate “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”, which reached number 1 in March of 1982, here’s LITA FORD singing “I Love Rock N Roll” at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp! (This is epic–I hope we get to hear Joan sing “Kiss Me Deadly” or “Back to the Cave” someday.)

Watch on YouTube

And here’s a recent interview with Jake Hooker, who co-wrote the song and performed the original version with The Arrows.

Watch on YouTube



Video of the week: I’m in love with Joan Jett

I’m sorry that I haven’t heard of this before. Cranford Nix was a musician from Detroit. He passed away in March 2002. You can read the lyrics here.

Watch on YouTube

This song was covered a few times. Here’s a cover by Richie Neckbones. I like this one too!

Watch on YouTube

There was a hard-rock song by the same name that came out in the late 90’s by a band called Gauntlet. I emailed them to get the song back then and they sent it to me on a dubbed cassette, which I still have somewhere. I don’t think that band exists anymore, and I can’t find the song on YouTube or anything. It was catchy, although it only had one verse repeated twice. Does anyone else remember this?

Video of the week: Ball & Chain (Social Distortion cover)

Never heard this before! Joan loves Social D. 🙂

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Video of the week: Joan sings the Star Spangled Banner

In honor of tomorrow’s Super Bowl, I think this video of Joan singing the American national anthem–live and a cappella–bears repeating. I get chills every time I hear it.

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Video of the week: Killer Joan Jett pics set to Peaches

Two great things about this video:

  1. It’s set to Peaches’ “The Boys Want to be Her,” which I LOVE and always thought describes Joan perfectly.
  2. It has a fair amount of pics and video clips that I’ve never seen. Check out the killer Joan/Kristen Stewart pic at the 3:30 mark.

Joan Jett: The Original Riot Grrrl! Watch on YouTube

Video of the week: Fan-made concept video for “Different”!

This video reminds us that people labeled with “disorders” are still people, capable of accomplishing monumental things. Being different doesn’t have to be something negative! Nicely done, and well-matched to the song. BIG THANKS to @universe369 for making the video, and to @jettrocker and @ActivityGrrrl for tweeting it!

“Different” is the most recent new addition to The Blackhearts’ live sets. I’m becoming quite attached to it. 🙂 If you love this song, don’t forget to vote for it on my “Favorite new Joan Jett song” poll!

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Video of the week: Coco the cockatoo rocks out to Joan Jett

Coco loves “I Hate Myself for Loving You”–can’t argue with taste!

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Video of the week: Joan Jett’s cameo performance in Lock and Roll Forever

Lock and Roll Forever is a movie from 2009 about a Japanese band that tries to make it big in the U.S. Joan has a small part as Charlotte Superstar. I can’t find it on DVD anywhere, so I don’t think it’s been released yet. Can’t wait to see the whole movie!

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Video of the week: Joan Jett Speed Painting

Amazing – I still have the poster that this is based on hanging in my bedroom. It’s framed now, but when I was a kid I hung it with Scotch double-sided Poster Tape. It hung on rough wood paneling that way for about 10 years without falling down — much better than masking tape!

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The video of the week feature is back online – thank you for your patience.

Videos of the week part 2 – Birthday wishes to Joan from FANS

Us Jettheads are a creative bunch! 😀 Not all of these are from this year, but I’m sure the message still applies!

(By the way, Joan is playing in Pensacola, Florida tonight. Please sing Happy Birthday to her and get it on video!)


Birthday wish

Birthday wishes from ALL OVER THE WORLD:

Happy Birthday – Donnie and Nikki

Happy Birthday #1 – joanjettvids

Happy Birthday #2 – joanjettvids

Birthday tribute from cheriecurriefan:

Birthday message from cheriecurriefan:

Fans sing Happy Birthday to Joan in 2008:

And here’s a little girl who wanted Joan to come to HER birthday party back in June:

Videos of the week part 1: Happy Birthday Joan!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the redesigned Born to be Jetthead site! The bulk of the work is done, although I’ll be tweaking and adding stuff all day. Here’s a few videos to get the party started. Enjoy!

Thanks to the amazing Liz Cullen for the new blog header!


Joan with Foo Fighters last night at Music Midtown in Atlanta:

Crimson and Clover  (Jett Eye Lock much???)

Do You Wanna Touch Me – TV performance (Wish I knew where this is from!)

Love Me Two Times – Doors cover (from The Hit List)

Oh Woe is Me

Too Bad on Your Birthday


Video of the week: “Lennon sings Joan Jett” (not that Lennon)

Cute baby Jetthead alert! Here’s the description from YouTube:

Lennon was given the most amazing collection of Joan Jett albums, clothing, and other gear for his 4th birthday, direct from Joan and Kenny Laguna. He’s been a huge fan of hers since he was two and getting all the new music didn’t slow that down any! This is his “thank you” card to Joan and her super cool management.

He sings a lot of the lyrics in his own interpretive style, as he doesn’t necessarily know what’s actually being said, which is a good thing in many cases. 😉

Watch on YouTube

Videos of the week: Coney Island – August 9, 2012

I’m REALLY digging Joan in red!

Bad Reputation:

Do You Wanna Touch Me:

The French Song:

I Hate Myself for Loving You:

Reality Mentality:

Love is Pain/TMI:

Fake Friends:

Little Liar:

Video of the week: Joan Jett – ”BORN TO BE BAD” 1980 (BLACKHEARTS)

“Born to be Bad” – live with The Blackhearts (1980)

Videos of the week: Joan Jett LIVE at Snoqualmie, WA – Jul 3 2012

These are all of superior quality. THANK YOU 4128Darren!

Bad Reputation:

Cherry Bomb:

Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)

Fake Friends:

Love is Pain

I Hate Myself for Loving You

Crimson and Clover:

I Love Rock ‘N Roll: