Video of the week: I’m in love with Joan Jett

I’m sorry that I haven’t heard of this before. Cranford Nix was a musician from Detroit. He passed away in March 2002. You can read the lyrics here.

Watch on YouTube

This song was covered a few times. Here’s a cover by Richie Neckbones. I like this one too!

Watch on YouTube

There was a hard-rock song by the same name that came out in the late 90’s by a band called Gauntlet. I emailed them to get the song back then and they sent it to me on a dubbed cassette, which I still have somewhere. I don’t think that band exists anymore, and I can’t find the song on YouTube or anything. It was catchy, although it only had one verse repeated twice. Does anyone else remember this?

2 thoughts on “Video of the week: I’m in love with Joan Jett

  1. I hadn’t heard that, either. Very enjoyable. I never knew him, but now I miss him. ♥

    I haven’t heard the Gauntlet version, either, as far as I can remember. If you ever come across it… ☺

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