Pretty Joan Jett pics

These are courtesy of Mikey (@jettrocker). Enjoy!

These pictures show off the two things about Joan that invite you in the most: her eyes and her smile.  She exudes an incredible amount of class,  confidence, and pure joy, and doesn’t need to be cheap or slutty to assert her worth. While undeniably sexy, Joan Jett is more than just a skin-tight leather jumpsuit and a pretty face.

Mikey always does a beautiful job with his enhancements, but personally, I prefer Joan untouched. Her flaws make her human, and I think her humanity is the sexiest thing about her. What do you  think?


From Light of Day. I want this on DVD! *sniff*




12 thoughts on “Pretty Joan Jett pics

  1. JJ, I agree that flaws make us human and all of that, but my style of “Digital Art” makes no room for flaws 🙂 I can’t describe it, the style is more pop-art, y’know? Sure, art takes many forms, but when I look at a photo, I want to feel something immediately, like “Wow! That’s AMAZING!” There is, however, something to be said about the reflection and being able to see avary glass of wine, every cigarette and every painful and happy moment (and surgery) written all over ones face, but I don’t prefer that style. I do however, respect it for what it is.. raw and full of emotion.. sometimes too much.

  2. Joan is just a georgous woman period. I do like her pics better without so much retouching she doesn’t need it. They’re great pics she’s beautiful either way I do prefer a more real look.

  3. Am a huge fan of Joan Jett’s, and I was wondering if it is Okay to use one of her pictures as a profile picture. I see other fans do this and just wanted to ask permission first Is it Okay?

    • Hi! I am not Joan Jett, and Joan doesn’t visit this site. So I can’t give official permission. But lots of fans use pics of various celebrities as their profile pics, so I think it’s ok as long as you are not impersonating the celebrity or trying to commit fraud.

  4. Thank You for answering! What I will do is put kind of like a disclaimer under the picture so that people will Know that I am NOT claiming to be her, I have been a huge fan for a long time and I just wanted to honor her by using one of her pics as a profile pic.

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