AUSTRALIAN JETTHEADS: Send me your Joan Jett stories!

Calling all Australian Jettheads! You’ve waited a long time for Joan Jett and The Blackhearts to come back to your corner of the globe. We want to hear your Joan stories and memories!

If you’re interested, email your stories to I’ll compile them into an epic post that celebrates Joan’s relationship with your beautiful land.

UPDATE: In your submission, let me know the general area where you live and how you want to be credited. Your name can be anonymous or a screen name if you wish. Otherwise, I’ll just use your first name. If you are adventurous and want to list your Facebook, or Twitter, or something, I’ll link those for you too, but only if you ask me to.

This is a new feature that I’ve been meaning to add to the blog for some time. Our stories make us who we are!

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