Runaways’ “Mercury Albums Anthology” Due on March 16th

Start saving your money. You will be broke in March. But you will be happy. 😀

According to MusicTap and Pause&Play, Hip-O Select is releasing an anthology of all of The Runaways’ Mercury Records albums on March 16th, called The Mercury Albums Anthology. (Thanks to blacknblue77 for the tip on the message board.)

The Hip-O Select website doesn’t mention it, so I have no idea yet what it may cost, or if it will include anything rare or previously unreleased. I’ll let you know when I hear something.

Click HERE to see a discography of Runaways music. The Mercury Records albums were The Runaways, Queens of Noise, Live in Japan, and Waitin’ for the Night. I have all of these on CD from, but it looks like most of them are out of stock there or nearly so.

For those keeping score at home, here’s everything we have on deck for March so far:

March 1st:

  • Release of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics Volume 1: Hard Rock Heroes. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics series was published in the 1990’s and is now being republished by Bluewater Productions as a series of graphic novels. Volume 1 contains the Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic. These comics were unauthorized biographies, so take it with a grain of salt. But they are still cool to have. You can pre-order Volume 1 at Amazon HERE. The Runaways will make an appearance in Volume 9, SMASH! A Punk/Alternative Retrospective. Read more about each volume HERE. (FYI to Twilight fans: Bluewater Productions also publishes the Female Force comics; you may have seen the one they did on Stephenie Meyer.)

March 9th:

  • Release of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Greatest Hits, probably on Blackheart Records.

March 16th:

  • Release of The Runaways: The Mercury Albums Anthology on Hip-O Select.
  • Release of Cherie Currie’s book, Neon Angel: A Memoir of The Runaways, on It Books.

March 19th:

  • Premiere of The Runaways movie in the US and Canada.

March 2010:

  • US release of Multiple Sarcasms, starring Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as the night club band. The exact date hasn’t been announced yet, but right now it is supposed to happen sometime in March.

9 thoughts on “Runaways’ “Mercury Albums Anthology” Due on March 16th

  1. wow!! great recap…thanks for all this…what an exciting time to be a fan of Joan Jett’s!! i preordered my Cherrie Currie Runaways’s memoire yesterday on Amazon for $16…can’t beleive how expensive the original book is now on Amazon..$85 – $299..can’t wait for this Runaways anthology and new GH album..and of course the movie!!!

    on OPRAH.COM there is a place to request a guest for a show in her final season…i wrote a thing about Joan Jett…I tried to hit all the high notes of her career..wouldn’t that make an incredible show?? i’d love to see her on OPRAH!! and look what that would due to record sales etc!! woo hoo!!

  2. Bluewater is putting out an entire Runaways/Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic book in March 2010. Here’s the catalog info:

    Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics: The Runaways with Joan Jett and Lita Ford
    32 pages
    Cover art:
    Writer: Spike Steffenhagen, Jay Allen Sanford
    Artists: Joe Paradise, Larry Nadolsky
    Retail price:

    Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics presents the Runaways, the ‘70s jailbait rockers whose story is wild and crazy enough to merit both a feature film starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning and an even more revealing no-punches-pulled comic book bio! Three complete full-color stories chronicle the rise and fall of the Runaways themselves, as well as going far beyond the bio-pic to also cover the solo careers of band stars Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

    Scripted by rock ‘n’ roll historian Spike Steffenhagen (Kiss: Comic From the Elder) and San Diego Reader columnist Jay Allen Sanford, this lovingly illustrated edition features art by Joe Paradise (Overheard in San Diego) and Larry Nadolsky (Deposit Man). Unauthorized and proud of it!

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