Joan Jett attended ‘New Moon’ premiere in L.A.

MTV interviewed Joan Jett at the Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon tonight (11/16). They blogged from the event as it happened:

9:56 How did Joan react the first time she saw Kristen dressed up a her? “Big smile, man!”

9:55 Joan just confirmed that Kristen will “DEFINITELY” be doing her own singing in the Runaways movie!!

9:54 Joan’s biker boots would put Billy Idol to shame. And they even have a little sparkle, Edward Cullen style!

9:53 Joan decided to see “Twilight” after hearing Kristen was cast as her in “The Runaways” movie. She “really enjoyed it” and found it “entertaining.”

9:52 Joan Jett is headed up our steps. Holy crap she looks cool.

Read the rest HERE.

Getty Images and AP Images have pictures, including some great ones with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning!

As soon as I find a video, I’ll let you know.

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