New video of Joan at the ‘New Moon’ premiere

Joan starts at 1:32. I can’t hear what she’s saying because of all the screaming, but it’s something about “sexy” and “Dark Shadows.” Does anyone have the full video of just Joan?

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More on Joan Jett from the ‘New Moon’ Red Carpet

I’ve been on aTwilight Saga: New Moon bender since Thursday, so I missed these when they were released. Thanks to my peeps on the Sinners Message Board for the tips!

1. Here’s a Radar Online interview with Joan. She talks about Kristen and the Joan Jett barbie doll. I wish I could embed the video directly, but I can’t find an embed code, so they must not be allowing it. Read the article and watch the video HERE.

2. Here’s a press video of Joan walking down the red carpet. LOVE THAT SMILE!!


3. Joan was also at the New York premiere of New Moon and the after-party. Here’s an article.

Joan Jett Interview with Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood interviewed Joan Jett at last night’s New Moon premiere. Team Edward? Team Jacob? Nah, Team Kristen.

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More from MTV’s Joan Jett interview

Here are a few more questions from MTV’s interview with Joan from last night’s New Moon premiere:

MTV: Tell us about the first time you saw Kristen with that signature Joan Jett haircut.

Jett: I had a big smile. I thought she looked great. She really wore it well, with her body and the way she carried it. It was [weird]. It was like looking at a little sister.

MTV: Will you have a cameo in “The Runaways”?

Jett: No, I didn’t want to.

MTV: You became famous as a teenager, and so did she. Has she come to you for any advice on how to handle it all?

Jett: We did have discussions about life, you know? I think she’s got a great head on her shoulders, and she’s dealing with it just fine.

MTV: Now that she knows how to play, would you ever invite Kristen up onstage during a show to jam with you on “Cherry Bomb”?

Jett: If she would do it, yeah. In a heartbeat. But I think she takes it all so seriously that she might not feel comfortable doing it. That’s just a guess — but maybe someday.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

Dakota Fanning confirms Runaways kiss

Talk about The Runaways starts about half-way through: Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Kristen Stewart learned to write leftie for Runaways movie

Here’s a video snippet of Joan’s MTV interview at the ‘New Moon’ premiere last night in Los Angeles. She confirms that Kristen is singing in The Runaways movie, and that Kristen, who is right-handed, switched to writing left-handed for the film.

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This is a big relief for me. I know it might sound silly to care about handedness when there are so many more important aspects to The Runaways’ story, but I am left-handed. I always thought it was cool that Joan is left-handed also and I enjoy sharing something small like that with her. I noticed that Kristen was right-handed immediately and I’ve been wondering how they were going to address that in the film. Now I have my answer!

Joan also said this about Kristen:

She’d listen to my accent and watch my body language. She’s an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she’s very serious. She takes it as art.

I have to agree. I feel honored that Kristen cared enough about Joan to cut her hair AND write left-handed in the film. Only someone with a true Jetthead spirit could do that. Thanks Kristen!

Click HERE to read the rest. I hope they post the rest of Joan’s interview on video soon.

Joan Jett attended ‘New Moon’ premiere in L.A.

MTV interviewed Joan Jett at the Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon tonight (11/16). They blogged from the event as it happened:

9:56 How did Joan react the first time she saw Kristen dressed up a her? “Big smile, man!”

9:55 Joan just confirmed that Kristen will “DEFINITELY” be doing her own singing in the Runaways movie!!

9:54 Joan’s biker boots would put Billy Idol to shame. And they even have a little sparkle, Edward Cullen style!

9:53 Joan decided to see “Twilight” after hearing Kristen was cast as her in “The Runaways” movie. She “really enjoyed it” and found it “entertaining.”

9:52 Joan Jett is headed up our steps. Holy crap she looks cool.

Read the rest HERE.

Getty Images and AP Images have pictures, including some great ones with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning!

As soon as I find a video, I’ll let you know.