2 thoughts on “Break Out the Bad Ass

  1. Hi Jetthead Did you know she is coming here to Australia in April for only her 4th or 5th time in her career! Third that I have witnessed anyway:). I am super excited!!

    She will be supporting (!?!) The Darkness here this time in April.

    I reviewed her last show for SludgeFactory.com.au – I can send the link if you like. I met someone in the crowd that night whom I got some great photos from.

    Have you ever met Joan? I’d love to though wouldn’t really know what to say, lol. I have all her recordings on vinyl cd & some on tape too…

    I didn’t realise til later that night that I met her manager who asked for some directions. That night was the only pub show she did in Australia after having done a series of headlining day festivals – I also had forgone my sisters 40th this night for Jetts show.

    Sorry, I’d meant to only tell you of her April show supporting The Darkness… but I thought you’d be interested in the rest too perhaps:)

    Best JJ Regards, Derek

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    • Cool, thanks Derek! No, I didn’t know Joan was going back to Australia in 2013. I’ll keep an eye out. Yes, I have been lucky enough to meet her a few times after shows. It’s the best!

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