Recent “Light of Day” articles

The 2010 Light of Day-palooza continues! If you think the only people who remember Joan Jett’s acting debut are a handful of Jettheads stuck in a time-warp, think again. These are all shout-outs that the movie has received on the internet recently.

1. “Happy Birthdays and On This Day in Music & History,” Ester Goldberg, February 6, 2010. Quick mention of the movie on an “on this day” list.

2. “On this Day/Joan Jett Acting Debut,”, February 6, 2010. Short, but cool, article in tribute to the anniversary of Joan’s acting debut.

3. “February 6, 2010 – On a Day Like Today.” Another “on this day in history” list.

4. “WATCH Joan Jett with Michael J. Fox in ‘Light of Day'”,, January 22, 2010. This is just a quick shout-out, but it includes a poll on the best female rock ‘n’ roll group. Vote for The Runaways!

5. “Today’s Top Five: Dad-E-O’s fave fake bands,” January 15, 2010. The Barbusters are number 2!

6. “Exclaim!’s Top Ten Rock Movies,” December 30, 2009. Light of Day makes the list alongside This is Spinal Tap and Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

7. “Joan Jett’s costars in ‘Light of Day’ win Emmys,” September 23, 2009. OK, this one is mine, but I still think it’s cool that both Michael J. Fox and Cherry Jones won Emmys in 2009.

8. “Why is Joan Jett playing Gyruss?” September 5, 2009. I think this is cool, even though I don’t understand all of the references. Joshuah Bearman talks about Joan’s love of video games in Light of Day. He links to a blog about the same subject by his friend, Brian McMullen, which is number 9 on my list:

9. “Joan Jett + Gyruss in Light of Day.” June 14, 2009. This guy enjoys Light of Day, especially Joan playing Gyruss, and also wants it to be released on DVD! He tells a funny story about trying to rent it from a video store.

Click here to demand "Light of Day" on DVD!

Click here to demand "Light of Day" on DVD! Don't forget to uncheck the "special offers" checkbox if you don't want them.

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