The Jetthead’s Guide to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival

…Or, Stewdance, as my online KStew friends are calling it, because Kristen Stewart has two films at the festival, Welcome to the Rileys, and, of course, The Runaways.

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NEW ‘Runaways’ still photo and article

Chris Lee at the L.A. Times has seen The Runaways and his impression/preview was published online today. I won’t quote it here, in case you are avoiding anything that resembles a spoiler. I’ve read it, and there’s nothing that diehard Jettheads don’t already know, but if you’d rather be safe than sorry, then don’t click the link.

Read the article HERE.

And here’s the new pic. Definitely from the Live in Japan days!

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart in "The Runaways", from Apparition, posted by

“The Runaways” to receive WIDE RELEASE in US

Apparition announced in a press release today that The Runaways will hit 1,400+ theaters in the United States when it opens on March 19th.

According to @larry411, “anything over 600” is considered a wide release. had previously listed the film as having a limited release, so this is a nice surprise!

I hope we get to see an official movie poster and a longer trailer soon!


Thanks to @larry411 (Larry Richman) and @kstewartnews for the tip via Twitter.

“The Runaways” Teaser Trailer: Who Is Singing Lead?

[UPDATE: Cherie Currie confirmed in the comments below that Dakota Fanning is singing lead on “Cherry Bomb” by herself.]

So, who is singing lead on “Cherry Bomb” in The Runaways teaser trailer, anyway?

It never occurred to me to question it, since I know that Cherie Currie sang “Cherry Bomb” on The Runaways album in 1976 and Live in Japan in 1977. Therefore, Dakota Fanning must be singing lead, with Kristen Stewart singing backup, of course.

But fans are speculating all over the web that it could be Kristen singing lead in the trailer, and not Dakota.

Fueling this debate is a article from last week which states:

“Yep: the revamped music of “Cherry Bomb” features lead vocals from the vampire-lover herself.” [Obviously referring to Kristen.] SOURCE

While some fans think Kristen is singing lead and others think it’s Dakota, a few are saying that Dakota sings “Hello Daddy, hello Mom,”  Kristen sings “Hello world I’m your wild girl,” and they both sing the “Cherry Bomb” parts. After listening to the trailer again, and again, this argument appears to have merit. The “Hello world” line doesn’t sound quite the same as “Hello Daddy.”

But I wasn’t convinced that it was Kristen, so I took the question to the Sinners message board and asked the Jettheads.

Here’s what we think: It sounds like Dakota Fanning and Cherie Currie’s vocals are blended together. We don’t have any official sources for this information, but based on what we know of Cherie’s voice and how the band sang “Cherry Bomb” with her, this is the most likely explanation to us. We don’t know if all of Dakota’s vocals were recorded that way, or if they just mixed the trailer like that. The close-ups of Kristen singing appear to be from a different scene because Kristen isn’t wearing the red jumpsuit, so whatever she is singing there may not be “Cherry Bomb” at all:

Kristen is wearing a big, black, shoulder-pad outfit here. Not the red jumpsuit.

The verdict: It is very difficult to determine anything from a movie’s trailer, let alone a teaser trailer. What we see and hear in the final movie will look and sound very different from this trailer. We shouldn’t sweat it. Yet.

Have no fear, KStew fans. Joan sang lead on many Runaways songs, both before and after Cherie left the band. Kristen had plenty of opportunities to sing lead in The Runaways. Hear a few after the jump.

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JettStew Love: A Pep Talk to Kristen Stewart from a Jetthead

I started Born to be Jetthead on September 22, 2009 (Joan Jett’s birthday), but I’ve wanted to have a site like this for a long time. I used to write about Joan in my MySpace blog, but only a few people ever saw it.

All the way back in May, before The Runaways was filmed, I wrote an open letter to Kristen Stewart expressing my confidence in her ability to portray Joan. After seeing The Runaways trailer this week, I know that I am right. I am re-printing my letter to KStew here. Let me know what you think. (I can be a pretty emo broad, I know. :D)

Read my emo-tastic letter to Kristen after the jump.

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“The Runaways” Movie Trailer Preview!

The first trailer for The Runaways will be released tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on (Update: Sorry, I meant to type “” the first time, but accidentally left off the “.com”.) Read more HERE:

ET aired a sneak peak tonight:


Here’s a longer clip:


Here’s a few screencaps and gifs from the ET footage. See the rest HERE. (Thanks @kstewartnews and @FierceBitchStew.)

Aaaaaah!!! I am officially afraid to leave my house so I don’t miss anything else! I don’t really need to Christmas shop, look for a job, clean my house, or love my husband, do I? #joking

“The Runaways” is #1 on Sundance’s Most-Buzzed List

The Runaways is officially the most-buzzed about movie at Sundance. It has been added to the most calendars by registered Sundance users, and its page has had the most views. (Over 14,100! EDIT: Over 15,000 and climbing!)

Kristen Stewart’s other Sundance entry, Welcome to the Rileys, is the number 2 most-buzzed about film.

Check it out:

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who tweeted about this.

“The Runaways” Movie News Roundup

I took a small break to take care of some real-life stuff, and I wound up being late to the party for a HECK load of news surrounding The Runaways movie. So, here’s what I missed. I’ll start with the big stuff:

1. The Runaways movie has secured distribution in both the US and Spain. Aurum acquired the Spanish rights, and Apparition acquired the US rights. Apparition will release The Runaways in the US on March 19, 2010 (one week after the release of Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me). Apparition is a new distribution company founded earlier in 2009.

2. released a first-look picture for the film, and announced that the film will have three showings in Park City, Utah, on January 24, 25, and 30, in addition to the one showing in Madison, Wisconsin on January 28.

Kstewfangirl has a larger version of the same picture HERE.

(More cool stuff after the jump.)

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“The Runaways” Screening At Sundance Madison: Buy Tix!

Thanks to for this scoop: The Runaways movie will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival’s Madison, Wisconsin theater at 7:30 PM on Thursday, January 28, 2010. Tickets are on sale now! The film will only show once.

HERE is the main site for the theater.

Click here to go to the main ticket ordering page. (You can also get here from the main site.) Once inside the ticket ordering page:

1. Under “For Future Schedules or to Purchase Tickets for a Future Date,” click GO.

2. Select January 2010 from the Display Month drop-down box.

3. Click on the 28th in the calendar.

4. Click the show time to purchase your tickets.

Tickets are only $15.00.

Have fun if you go, and tell us all about it! (But please don’t send me any spoilers! I don’t even want to know the songs that appear in the film. I want everything to be a surprise when I see it in the theater. Thanks!)

Hannah Marks Interviewed About “The Runaways”

Hannah Marks plays “Tammy” in The Runaways movie, who Hannah describes as “a compilation of different people” in Joan’s life.

Rebecca Murray interviewed Hannah for, complete with a video. Here’s an excerpt:

Were you a fan of Joan Jett? Did you know her music?

Hannah Marks: “I didn’t really know who…I knew who she was but I wasn’t really like a hardcore fan. But I started getting really into her music, once I booked the movie. And she’s so amazing and she looks so hot for 50 years old. Oh my god.”

Does she really? I haven’t seen a picture of her in a long time.

Hannah Marks: “She was actually just in Elle magazine and she looks amazing. She was actually on set every day, which was really cool.”

(Ummmm, lady, if you haven’t seen a picture of Joan Jett in a really long time, WHY did you want to interview this girl about The Runaways?)

Watch the video and/or read the rest of the transcript HERE. (Or click the image below. The site won’t let me embed the video.) It’s a cute interview.

Click to watch video on

Hannah doesn’t specifically mention her character’s name, but it’s listed as “Tammy” on the movie’s IMDB page.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning talk more about ‘The Runaways’

Kristen Stewart appeared on NBC’s Today show on Wednesday, 11/18. She starts talking about Joan at 2:45:


Dakota Fanning appeared on Jay Leno’s show on Thursday, 11/19 and talked about The Runaways starting at 4:00:


More from MTV’s Joan Jett interview

Here are a few more questions from MTV’s interview with Joan from last night’s New Moon premiere:

MTV: Tell us about the first time you saw Kristen with that signature Joan Jett haircut.

Jett: I had a big smile. I thought she looked great. She really wore it well, with her body and the way she carried it. It was [weird]. It was like looking at a little sister.

MTV: Will you have a cameo in “The Runaways”?

Jett: No, I didn’t want to.

MTV: You became famous as a teenager, and so did she. Has she come to you for any advice on how to handle it all?

Jett: We did have discussions about life, you know? I think she’s got a great head on her shoulders, and she’s dealing with it just fine.

MTV: Now that she knows how to play, would you ever invite Kristen up onstage during a show to jam with you on “Cherry Bomb”?

Jett: If she would do it, yeah. In a heartbeat. But I think she takes it all so seriously that she might not feel comfortable doing it. That’s just a guess — but maybe someday.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

Joan Jett attended ‘New Moon’ premiere in L.A.

MTV interviewed Joan Jett at the Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon tonight (11/16). They blogged from the event as it happened:

9:56 How did Joan react the first time she saw Kristen dressed up a her? “Big smile, man!”

9:55 Joan just confirmed that Kristen will “DEFINITELY” be doing her own singing in the Runaways movie!!

9:54 Joan’s biker boots would put Billy Idol to shame. And they even have a little sparkle, Edward Cullen style!

9:53 Joan decided to see “Twilight” after hearing Kristen was cast as her in “The Runaways” movie. She “really enjoyed it” and found it “entertaining.”

9:52 Joan Jett is headed up our steps. Holy crap she looks cool.

Read the rest HERE.

Getty Images and AP Images have pictures, including some great ones with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning!

As soon as I find a video, I’ll let you know.

Kristen Stewart talks Joan Jett in New Moon interview

Kristen Stewart talked about Joan Jett in a recent interview about The Twilight Saga: New Moon from November 7th (written by Christina Radish):

Q: How did you balance playing Bella with playing a character like Joan Jett?

Kristen: I can only play characters that I feel like are real people, in a complete way, and in such a whole way that, if I fake any aspect of it, I will have failed them and, literally, they’re slaughtered. It’s like they don’t exist anymore, unless I do it. So, in terms of approaching parts, it just happens.

I got to know Joan, not only as her now, but also through footage and the script and story. I feel like I got to know who she was, in such a whole way that it’s not about imitating, even though I was really concerned about details being right, like gestures and stuff. I really wanted to do a good impersonation, but I also didn’t want it to be imitation. I wanted it to be natural.

Playing Joan Jett had nothing to do with Bella. It was a small period of time that I had to do it, but it was an opportunity that I jumped on because it was going to go away if I hadn’t. I would’ve liked more time.

You can read the rest of the interview HERE.