Estimated Domestic Gross for “The Runaways” as of March 21st

Box Office Mojo is reporting that The Runaways has earned an estimated $803,000 as of March 21st. Overall, they are in 18th place for the weekend. These are only estimates. Actual numbers will be reported on Monday afternoon.

At 244 screens, this gives The Runaways a per-screen average of $3,291.

When you sort the list by the per-screen average based on the weekend 3-day total, The Runaways jumps to fourth place!

Rank (Based on per-screen average) Movie # of screens Total weekend Box Office Per-screen average for the weekend.
1 Alice in Wonderland 3739 $34,500,000 $9,227
2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3077 $21,800,000 $7,085
3 The Bounty Hunter 3074 $21,000,000 $6,831
4 The Runaways 244 $803,000 $3,291
5 Avatar 1236 $4,000,000 $3,236
6 The Ghost Writer 819 $2,100,000 $2,564
7 Repo Men 2521 $6,151,000 $2,440
8 Our Family Wedding 1609 $3,800,000 $2,362
9 She’s out of my League 2958 $6,015,000 $2,033
10 Green Zone 3004 $5,963,000 $1,985
11 Shutter Island 2704 $4,755,000 $1,759
12 The Blind Side 602 $925,000.00 $1,537
13 Remember Me 2215 $3,300,000 $1,490
14 Brooklyn’s Finest 1311 $1,679,000 $1,281
15 Crazy Heart 1154 $1,375,000 $1,192
16 The Crazies 1495 $1,502,000 $1,005
17 Percy Jackson 1348 $1,350,000 $1,001
18 Cop Out 1563 $1,410,000 $902

Friday earnings estimates for “The Runaways”

Box Office Mojo reported that The Runaways pulled in around $300,000 dollars on Friday, putting it in 17th place for the day. (Via kstewartfans.)

But keep in mind that The Runaways only opened in 10 US cities, on 244 screens. When you look at the per screen average, The Runaways earned an average of $1,230 per screen, which puts it at number five. (Via Gossip Cop and @larry411.)

Not bad for the first day of a limited-release film about girls, huh?

Here’s Robert Pattinson talking about The Runaways on the red carpet during the London premiere of Remember Me this week. He likes it! 😀 Runaways talk starts at 0:25.

Remember Me is awesome, by the way. I highly recommend it. I’ve seen it twice and I think the story is told beautifully. I like Rob because I think he’s an amazing actor, not because I think his weiner sparkles in the sunlight. Go see Remember Me. Now.


PLEASE NOTE: I won’t be able to see The Runaways until April 9th, so PLEASE DO NOT post a review of the movie anywhere in my comments. I don’t want any hints, I don’t want to know your favorite scenes, or the songs in the film, or ANYTHING. Thank you for your consideration.