Glossary update: JELA=Jett Eye Lock Alert

The “Do You Wanna Touch Me” video from my last post had so much Jett Eye Lockage that I felt the need to update the glossary page with a new acronym:

JELA = Jett Eye Lock Alert

I will be looking for this in videos from now on, and I will tag them #JELA when they contain significant eye lockage.

Do you have any Jetthead terms to add to the glossary?


Reactions to Joan Jett in Esquire Magazine

UPDATE: You can now read the whole article on Esquire’s official website HERE.

A site called “Oh No They Didn’t” on  LiveJournal posted a full scan of Joan’s Esquire Magazine article HERE.

THIS is my favorite comment:

Yay a Joan post!
I remember times when I was at shows and the person on stage locked eyes with me. And in that moment everything was right with the world

I love this answer. The first time I saw her, I was in the front and started to get a little woozy, which apparently showed up on my face and she waved and mouthed “are you ok” to me and after that I was fine.
I couldn’t shut up about to all my friends for weeks. I finally got to take my boyfriend to one of her shows and he swears up and down that she was staring at him while singing an entire song. He gets all bent out of shape if you try to tell him he’s delusional lol It’s srs bsns when Joan looks at you.

Testimony for the Jett Eye Lock*. Love it!

What’s YOUR Jett Eye Lock story?