Joan Jett in GQ: ’25 Sexiest Women in Rock’

Joan Jett is in the October issue of GQ magazine as one of the “25 Sexiest Women in Rock.” Ryan Reynolds is on the cover, and it’s on sale now! The article starts on page 175, and Joan appears on page 182.

I agree with the distinction, but I don’t agree with the picture they chose. Joan is much sexier than this picture lets on, especially now!


Joan at CBGB, June 7, 2006. From


I miss big 80's hair. 🙂

Exhibit C:

Good Music era, 1986-ish. It's all in the eyes, man. THIS is the 'Jett Eye Lock(tm)'

Exhibit D:

Copyright Anthony Saint James. Without the long, dark hair, there's nothing to distract you from her eyes. LOVE THIS.

And, finally, a pic taken TWO DAYS AGO

Exhibit XXX:

Virgin Mobile Freefest in Columbia, MD, September 25, 2010. From Getty images/

The defense rests.