Joan Jett on the “Stairway to Seven” in Scripps Howard’s annual Super Bowl poll

Scripps Howard released their Annual Celebrity Super Bowl Poll today! Joan has picked the New York Giants to beat the New England Patriots, 38-35, in Super Bowl #46.

Joan has correctly predicted the last six Super Bowl winners, with seven correct predictions overall since Super Bowl #35, when she started participating in the poll. She has the longest unbroken winning streak, a title she took from Bill O’Reilly in Super Bowl #44. If Joan’s prediction is closest to the final score, she will also win the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award.

We’ll find out Joan’s fate when Super Bowl XLVI airs on NBC this Sunday, February 5, at 6:00 PM EST. GO JOAN!!

Here’s Joan’s full list of predictions and results:

Super Bowl Joan Jett’s Prediction Actual Winner and Score
#46: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots New York, 38-35 TBA
#45: Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Green Bay, 38-24 Green Bay, 31-25
#44: New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts New Orleans, 45-33 New Orleans, 31-17
#43: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh, 24-17 Pittsburgh, 27-23
#42: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots New York, 35-21 New York, 17-14
#41: Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears Indianapolis, 28-14 Indianapolis, 29-17
#40: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh, 31-14 Pittsburgh, 21-10
#39: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia, 35-28 New England, 24-21
#38: New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers Carolina, 31-21 New England, 32-29
#37: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders Oakland, 31-17 Tampa Bay, 48-21
#36: New England Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams New England, 28-24 New England, 20-17
#35: New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens New York, 20-10 Baltimore, 34-7