Happy Joan Jett Day! (March 25, 2011)

Some videos for your viewing pleasure. 😀

Joan judging an air guitar contest in 1988:

Joan Jett – Victims of circumstances LIVE 2003 Tokyo,Japan

Joan judging a kids’ costume contest in the UK in 1988:

ILRNR on French TV, 1990 (serious Eye Lockage here):

Video View UK, 1988, Part 1:

Video View UK, 1988, Part 2:

The Runaways “Rock N’ Roll” LIVE at the Agora 7/19/1976 COMMENTARY

The Runaways “Blackmail” LIVE at the Agora 7/19/1976 COMMENTARY

And, finally, because Joan loves animals:

Cat named Joan Jett chasing her tail:

Happy Joan Jett Day! (March 25th)

Today, March 25th, is Joan Jett Day, as declared by the New York State Legislature. The first Joan Jett day was celebrated in 1984.

I came on board the Jetthead train in 1988, so there is still a lot of our history that I don’t know. Long-time Jetthead Denny gave me this tip, and was kind enough to scan the June 1984 Bad Reputation Nation fanclub newsletter containing the announcement for us. Thanks Denny!

Sunday, March 25th, was declared “Joan Jett Day” by the New York State Legislature. The City of Long Beach, where Joan lives, and the local chapter of Cancer Care arranged the honor for their favorite [Long] Beach rock resident.

The announcement is on the second page, but read the whole thing. It’s just the first and last page, but it is a treasure trove of vintage Jett, including a cool Tess Turbo comic. Here’s the link —> BadRepNation_June1984. (QUIZ: Anybody know the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts song being parodied in this comic? Post it in the comments!)

Denny and I don’t know if this declaration is still officially on the books, and I don’t even live in New York, but I don’t care. Today IS Joan Jett Day. Somebody get Hallmark on this, ASAP.