Video: Joan Jett signing autographs outside at David Letterman

This was filmed after Joan’s performance of “Bad Reputation” with The Foo Fighters at David Letterman last year. I was going to schedule this for a future Video of the Week feature, but I didn’t want to wait. It’s too cool.

Two things strike me about this video:

  1. Joan walks with the same swagger she had in the beginning of the “I Love Rock-n-Roll” video, and
  2. Joan Jett fans are super CHILL. She is right in the crowd, and no one is screaming or passing out. Props!

Watch on YouTube

And here’s the performance from the show:

Watch on YouTube

Joan Jett and Foo Fighters to perform on Late Show with David Letterman: Nov. 15

As if the 40+ YouTube videos of Joan Jett performing with The Foo Fighters last night at Madison Square Garden wasn’t exciting enough, I just found out that Joan and the Foo will be on Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow, November 15th!

YAY!!!! Dave Letterman loves Joan. 🙂