JettStew Love: A Pep Talk to Kristen Stewart from a Jetthead

I started Born to be Jetthead on September 22, 2009 (Joan Jett’s birthday), but I’ve wanted to have a site like this for a long time. I used to write about Joan in my MySpace blog, but only a few people ever saw it.

All the way back in May, before The Runaways was filmed, I wrote an open letter to Kristen Stewart expressing my confidence in her ability to portray Joan. After seeing The Runaways trailer this week, I know that I am right. I am re-printing my letter to KStew here. Let me know what you think. (I can be a pretty emo broad, I know. :D)

Read my emo-tastic letter to Kristen after the jump.

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“The Runaways” is #1 on Sundance’s Most-Buzzed List

The Runaways is officially the most-buzzed about movie at Sundance. It has been added to the most calendars by registered Sundance users, and its page has had the most views. (Over 14,100! EDIT: Over 15,000 and climbing!)

Kristen Stewart’s other Sundance entry, Welcome to the Rileys, is the number 2 most-buzzed about film.

Check it out:

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who tweeted about this.

‘The Runaways’ to premiere at Sundance; Fan-Made Trailer

Several sources* have reported this week that The Runaways will make its world premiere at The Sundance Film Festival in January 2010 in the non-competition lineup. Kristen Stewart’s Welcome to the Rileys, filmed in 2008, is competing in the Drama category at the festival. A group of Kristen Stewart fans, Team 411, is referring to this as the “Two by Stew Sundance.” Love it!

The 2010 Sundance Film Festival will be held in Park City, UT, January 21-31, 2010.

There are rumors of a March release date for The Runaways, and Team 411 speculates that it will premiere at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas before being released everywhere else. Sounds like a good theory to me, but again, none of this has been officially announced by anyone, so nothing is set in stone.

There are hordes of people waiting to see The Runaways trailer. While we wait for the real thing, check out this fan-made trailer I found on YouTube. Maybe we can make more while we wait? If you make one or find one, post it in the comments below or email the link to!


Video Source

*Source, Source, Source, and Source

Kristen Stewart learned to write leftie for Runaways movie

Here’s a video snippet of Joan’s MTV interview at the ‘New Moon’ premiere last night in Los Angeles. She confirms that Kristen is singing in The Runaways movie, and that Kristen, who is right-handed, switched to writing left-handed for the film.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a big relief for me. I know it might sound silly to care about handedness when there are so many more important aspects to The Runaways’ story, but I am left-handed. I always thought it was cool that Joan is left-handed also and I enjoy sharing something small like that with her. I noticed that Kristen was right-handed immediately and I’ve been wondering how they were going to address that in the film. Now I have my answer!

Joan also said this about Kristen:

She’d listen to my accent and watch my body language. She’s an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she’s very serious. She takes it as art.

I have to agree. I feel honored that Kristen cared enough about Joan to cut her hair AND write left-handed in the film. Only someone with a true Jetthead spirit could do that. Thanks Kristen!

Click HERE to read the rest. I hope they post the rest of Joan’s interview on video soon.

Runaways movie article in Faces Magazine; MTV mention

“Faces Presents… New Moon Fever” has a whole spread about New Moon and all the actors, which includes a one-page article about Kristen Stewart that focuses on The Runaways movie. I think they sell it at Borders, but don’t quote me on it.

Here’s the scan of the article – click for bigger. You may have to zoom in to make it readable:

Thanks to ROBsessed for the scans. See the rest of the New Moon parts here.

There’s also a Kristen article on with a very brief mention of Joan:

…Stewart, known for her laid-back, grungy style, admitted that she truly related to Joan Jett, the role she took on in the forthcoming biopic about the Runaways. “I love the way Joan Jett dresses. She’s the epitome of cool,” she said. “My style: T-shirts. My favorite ones are my brother’s old ones that they’ve worn out. I have a sneaker fetish.”

Read the rest here.

I’m hoping we get more in-depth stuff as the movie gets closer to being released.