Buy A Limited Edition Joan Jett Poster; 10 Will Be Signed

Remember that awesome interview Joan did for Royal Flush Magazine? Well, the artwork from that issue has been transformed into a beautiful silk-screened limited edition poster for sale at Blackheart’s online store:

Purchase by December 16, 2009 and have the chance to be 1 of 10 to receive poster signed by Joan Jett.


And here’s a reminder that Royal Flush‘s Joan Jett art contest is ongoing until December 31st. The winning submission will get published in the next issue of Royal Flush and the winner will receive a Joan Jett edition Gibson Melody Maker Guitar.

Joan Jett Art Contest in Royal Flush Magazine

Royal Flush Magazine has announced their Joan Jett portrait contest! Submit your best illustrated portrait of Joan by leaving a comment on Royal Flush‘s MySpace blog. (You’ll have to sign up for MySpace if you don’t already have an account.) The winner will receive a Gibson Joan Jett series Melody Maker, AND his or her entry will be published in the next issue of Royal Flush. The contest ends on December 31st, 2009.

Click HERE to submit your entry. You must have a MySpace account to leave them a comment.

Let me know if you submit anything. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!