Why I NEED to see “The Runaways” in a theater

A rumor has been floating around since Thursday that The Runaways may not get its wide release expansion on April 9th like we’ve all been told. Somebody on Examiner.com tried to make us all feel better by claiming it was an April Fool’s Day prank, but that does not seem to be true.

Box Office Mojo is a site that gathers film statistics as reported by the film studios themselves. On Thursday, the site reported the early theater count estimate for The Runaways for the weekend of April 9th as 200, a far cry from the 1400 theaters we were promised. (Actually, I don’t remember if we were promised 1400 screens or 1400 theaters, but whatever. It’s still less.) Apparition has not publicly confirmed or denied this number, probably because it is Easter weekend and they might all be on vacation. (But that’s just speculation on my part.) The official theater count for April 9th won’t be updated on Box Office Mojo until Thursday, April 8th.

Box Office Mojo interpreted this number for us in the following tweet, which is what started the panic:

“‘The Runaways’ lost most of its theaters this weekend, but will be back to around 200 on 4/9. Nationwide expansion canceled.”

And this tweet:

“No missing zero. ‘The Runaways’ is no longer getting a nationwide release on 4/9, likely due to its poor showing so far.”

I don’t understand what they mean by “poor showing”. In its first weekend, The Runaways only opened on 244 screens and had the fourth-highest dollars-per-screen average of the top 18-grossing films that week. Fourth. How much better could it have done? The film cost $10 million to make, but you can’t earn all of that back in two weeks in just 10 cities. I always thought this “platform release” crap was a mistake, and that they waited too long to start the expansion. The Runaways is not a blockbuster like Alice in Wonderland or Twilight, so it won’t sustain a four-month run like those films do. But it should get a few good weeks in any market it appears in, especially in highly populated areas. The word of mouth about the film has been amazing, from critics and fans alike. This film is not a flashy spectacle. It’s a slow, gradual burn.

I’m sure some film executives in suits have a spreadsheet or a database full of “evidence” supporting their decisions, and I just sound like an hysterical loon to them. Fans are not people, right? Fans are just a potential zero in a bank account.

A lot of people are saying, “Calm down. You’ll get to see it on DVD eventually.” But that’s not good enough for me. This isn’t just another opportunity to consume 12,000 calories worth of hot buttered popcorn and pop (aka soda) while glaring at the inconsiderate bitches who light up the whole theater with their cell phones. I can do that at the 99-cent theater for a lot less money and aggravation.

For fans of The Runaways and Joan Jett, this isn’t just another movie. This is the story of one of the best bands, male or female, in the history of the world. The Runaways were marginalized as “jailbait rock” by an industry that had its head buried in one too many spreadsheets. The fans, like the band itself, were dismissed, ridiculed, and forgotten. This is our story, just as much as it is theirs.

In 35 years, it seems like nothing has changed.

I have personally waited 22 years for this story, my history, to be told. Some have waited longer. The Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning fans are just as passionate, and have their own stake in this. But we share this. We are a community. And we deserve to be heard. We deserve to be remembered. We deserve to be counted.



1. Call your local theaters and physically tell them that you want them to show The Runaways.

2. If you are lucky enough to be  near a theater showing The Runaways, go see it as many times as you can. Road trip if you have to. See #3. There’s a list of theaters that have the movie THIS WEEKEND.

3. Tell your friends and family. Get the word out. Use Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, blogs, and everything else you have at your disposal.

4. Follow @RunawaysFilm on Twitter, on their MySpace page, and their Facebook page. Tell them your location and tell them you want The Runaways in wide release. Add the hashtag #RUNAWAYSFILMWIDE to all of your tweets if you’re on Twitter.

5. Contact the head of publicity at Apparition:

Vicky Eguia
Phone 818-521-2681 *fax 213-253-4615

Details courtesy of @BellasGuardian and KStew’s Global Army. This is publicly available information, so no one is being stalked. Please be respectful. This is not her fault. Going apeshit won’t help our cause. Send her the link to this blog if you want. 🙂

6. Click the picture below to join the demand for The Runaways on eventful.com. Don’t forget to clear the special offers check box if you don’t want them. This site is global, so it will work in any country or city. Eventful.com lets you create a widget that you can add to your MySpace, website, etc. If you have a blog that does not support flash or javascript and can’t use their widget, grab the graphic I made for the demand from here and just attach the URL to it when you add it to your site. I don’t even care if you credit me or not, just grab it and post it everywhere you can.

Any other ideas?


Theaters showing “The Runaways” THIS WEEKEND!

Thanks to @RunawaysFilm, we have a list of lucky cities that get to see The Runaways a week early. Is yours one of them?

See It. Multiple Times. That is an order. 🙂

Click HERE for the list.

Theater Name City, State
Fairview Cinema 3 Hudson, NY
River East 21 Chicago, IL
South Barrington 30 South Barrington, IL
Cantera 30 Warrenville, IL
Century Evanston 12 Evanston, IL
The New 400 Theatres Chicago, IL
Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema Chicago, IL
Addison Cinemas 21 Addison, IL
Orland Park Cinemas 14 Orland Park, IL
Gurnee Mills 20 Gurnee, IL
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Austin, TX
Tinseltown 17 – Austin Austin, TX
Dobie Theatre Austin, TX
Arbor Cinemas at Great Hills Austin, TX
Mesquite 30 Theatres Mesquite, TX
Grapevine Mills 30 Theatres Grapevine, TX
Cinemark West Plano 20 Plano, TX
Legacy 24 Plano, TX
Angelika Film Center and Cafe Dallas, TX
Marina Pacifica 12 Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Stadium 26 Long Beach, CA
Broadway Cinemas 4 Santa Monica, CA
Burbank 16 Burbank, CA
Covina 30 Covina, CA
Los Feliz 3 Los Angeles, CA
Playhouse 7 Cinemas Pasadena, CA
Sherman Oaks 5 (3-7) Sherman Oaks, CA
The Grove Stadium 14 Los Angeles, CA
ArcLight Hollywood 15 Hollywood, CA
Glendale 18 Glendale, CA
Marina del Rey 6 Marina del Rey, CA
Atlantic Palace 10 Cinemas Alhambra, CA
Foothill Towne Center 22 Foothill Ranch, CA
Tower Plaza Temecula, CA
Ontario Mills 30 Ontario, CA
Block 30 @ Orange Orange, CA
Fullerton 20 Fullerton, CA
Century Stadium 25 Theatre – Orange Orange, CA
Island 7 Cinemas Newport Beach, CA
CinemaFusion 14 Anaheim, CA
Deer Valley 30 Phoenix, AZ
Tempe Marketplace 16 Tempe, AZ
Arizona Mills 24 Theatre Tempe, AZ
Corona Crossing 18 Corona, CA
Fiesta 5 Santa Barbara, CA
AMC Southdale 16 Edina, MN
Kerasotes Icon 14 St. Louis Park, MN
Lagoon Cinema Minneapolis, MN
Lakeville 21 Lakeville, MN
St. Anthony Main Minneapolis, MN
Oakdale 20 Oakdale, MN
Lincoln Square 13 New York, NY
19th Street East 6 New York, NY
Sunshine Cinema 5 New York, NY
Big Cinemas Manhattan New York, NY
E-Walk 13 New York, NY
Galleria Mall 16 Poughkeepsie, NY
Regency Cinema 6 San Rafael, CA
Marin 3 Sausalito, CA
Berkeley 7 Berkeley, CA
Van Ness 14 San Francisco, CA
Century Centre 9 San Francisco, CA
Camera 12 San Jose, CA
Nickelodeon Theatres Santa Cruz, CA
3rd Street Cinemas 6 Santa Rosa, CA
Palo Alto Square 2 Palo Alto, CA
Rose Twin Port Townsend, WA
Big Picture @ Redmond Town Centre Redmond, WA
Metro Cinemas Seattle, WA
Meridian 16 Seattle, WA
Grand Cinema – Tacoma Tacoma, WA