Kristen Stewart learned to write leftie for Runaways movie

Here’s a video snippet of Joan’s MTV interview at the ‘New Moon’ premiere last night in Los Angeles. She confirms that Kristen is singing in The Runaways movie, and that Kristen, who is right-handed, switched to writing left-handed for the film.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a big relief for me. I know it might sound silly to care about handedness when there are so many more important aspects to The Runaways’ story, but I am left-handed. I always thought it was cool that Joan is left-handed also and I enjoy sharing something small like that with her. I noticed that Kristen was right-handed immediately and I’ve been wondering how they were going to address that in the film. Now I have my answer!

Joan also said this about Kristen:

She’d listen to my accent and watch my body language. She’s an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she’s very serious. She takes it as art.

I have to agree. I feel honored that Kristen cared enough about Joan to cut her hair AND write left-handed in the film. Only someone with a true Jetthead spirit could do that. Thanks Kristen!

Click HERE to read the rest. I hope they post the rest of Joan’s interview on video soon.