Cool new graphics!

Hello my Jetthead babies!

The great Mikey Nichols, aka @jettrocker, is now working his magical talents to give us premium graphics for this site. I’m very excited and honored, especially since I suck at graphics big time. Thanks Mikey!

I’ll be showing you his masterpieces all weekend, and I wanted to start with the awesome Halloween banner he made for us. Do you like it? Give him some love!

And check out his awesome interpretation if Joan as a vampire — kinda makes the Cullen clan look like a pack of Chihuahuas, huh?

Joan Jett as a vampire, courtesy of Mikey Nichols

Video of the Week Update, 10/30/09

I thought I’d update this a day early to make up for not being around much all week. Here’s a great video in honor of Halloween. It’s another Bad Reputation video–with a pumpkin.

Video is posted in the left-hand sidebar.