Videos of the week part 2 – Birthday wishes to Joan from FANS

Us Jettheads are a creative bunch! 😀 Not all of these are from this year, but I’m sure the message still applies!

(By the way, Joan is playing in Pensacola, Florida tonight. Please sing Happy Birthday to her and get it on video!)


Birthday wish

Birthday wishes from ALL OVER THE WORLD:

Happy Birthday – Donnie and Nikki

Happy Birthday #1 – joanjettvids

Happy Birthday #2 – joanjettvids

Birthday tribute from cheriecurriefan:

Birthday message from cheriecurriefan:

Fans sing Happy Birthday to Joan in 2008:

And here’s a little girl who wanted Joan to come to HER birthday party back in June:

In honor of Joan’s birthday…

A blog redesign is coming today! I’ve been testing and tweaking it, and I’ll start setting it up after I’ve gotten a little sleep. Catch you on the flip-side!

Joan Jett birthday recap

I’m seriously thinking about taking off work for Joan’s next birthday. This year, #happybirthdayjoan didn’t trend on Twitter, and I was too busy all day to help. My wheels are already turning. I’ll try to come up with something great.

Joan’s birthday was not completely forgotten by the media. Below are links to some cool articles celebrating the event. But first, check out these awesome birthday graphics from @dont_getmewrong! Click for bigger versions.

flashback background joan jett @jjelektric a flashback of joa... on Twitpic

Joan Jett BG... on Twitpic

Happy Birthday Joan Jett! —

Happy Birthday, Joan Jett! —, Punk music

Joan Jett: She Loves Rock N’ Roll —  I love this one because, in addition to the obligatory history of her 80’s hits, this article also calls out some of my favorite deep tracks, like Pure and Simple‘s “Rubber and Glue”. Michael David obviously has great taste. 🙂 ( was down this morning. If the article isn’t back up yet, you can read it on HERE.)

And here are some birthday announcements from smaller outlets: — Joan is the Birthday Highlight.

Blogtown — Did you know that Joan shares her birthday with Toni Basil and Debbie Boone?

98.5 WNCX Cleveland asked an open question about people’s favorite Joan Jett songs. I love these answers!

Did you spot any others?

Happy Birthday Joan Jett 9-22-10

Happy Birthday Joanie!!

Tell your friends! Let’s trend #happybirthdayjoan on Twitter today! A year ago, when I had three followers, I don’t think I could have done it, but this year, we just might pull it off. If any of you see it trend in your area, will you please send me a screen cap?

Just for giggles, see who else shares Joan’s birthday.

Here are a few cool Joan videos to get you through the day until I can post more stuff after work.

Let’s start with something new:

Something I’ve never seen before:

And something that makes me laugh!

I saved the best for last!

What? Joan loves cats. 🙂

Enjoy the day, Jettheads!!

Who else shares Joan Jett’s birthday?

Marq Torien, the lead singer of 1980’s-era hair metal band The Bulletboys, was born on September 22, just like Joan Jett. I’ve known this since around 1989 because I had a 36-month subscription to Metal Edge Magazine, and every year around this time, I would flip to the famous birthday section to see if they would publish Joan’s birthday. And every year, all I got was Marq Torien. I got my vindication in 2006 when Joan graced the cover of Metal Edge for a story on the Vans Warped Tour. Remembering this made me wonder: Who else shares Joan Jett’s birthday? Well, a f*ckton of people do, but here are a few that stood out to me: 

Junko Tabei, a Japanese mountain climber who became the first woman to reach the top of Mount Everest on May 16, 1975, exactly 2 months and 20 days before Joan Jett formed The Runaways.

More famous birthdays after the jump! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Joan Jett!

Best wishes to Joan Jett on her birthday!

I like to do something nice to remember Joan Jett’s birthday every year. Sometimes I’ll send her a birthday card. I’ve never baked a cake or sent her a gift, but last year I donated money to the Arbor Day Foundation and planted trees in her name.


The gift that keeps on giving

My gift to Joan in 2008

This year, I wanted to give something to the fans, so I created this site. Welcome to Born to be Jetthead. You can read more about it HERE.

I hope you like it. I can’t take it back because I lost the receipt.

Today I’m going to watch Light of Day and paint my nails black.

How do you like to celebrate Joan Jett’s birthday?