Glossary update: JELA=Jett Eye Lock Alert

The “Do You Wanna Touch Me” video from my last post had so much Jett Eye Lockage that I felt the need to update the glossary page with a new acronym:

JELA = Jett Eye Lock Alert

I will be looking for this in videos from now on, and I will tag them #JELA when they contain significant eye lockage.

Do you have any Jetthead terms to add to the glossary?


Glossary Update: 11/18/2009

I added three new terms to the glossary today:

IHMFLY: Acronym for “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” See “Hate.”

P&S: Abbreviation for “Pure and Simple,” the album of that name released in 1994.

UYA: Acronym for “Up Your Alley.” See Alley.

Glossary update: “CTW”

Don’t ask me HOW I forgot to add CTW to the glossary the first time around, but I did.

CTW: Acronym for “Change The World,” the second single from the 2006 album “Sinner.”

Check out the rest of the Glossary.

“Dog” and “KOTL” added to the Glossary

Thanks to comments by Jeanne, I added the following terms to the glossary:

Dog: Abbreviation for “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” a Stooges cover song from the Up Your Alley album. (See Alley.)

KOTL: Acronym for “Kiss on the Lips,” a song released on 2004’s Japanese import album “Naked.”

See the rest, and make suggestions HERE.