A Joan Jett t-shirt gets banned in a middle school

A t-shirt of Joan Jett wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt was banned in a middle school. The girl was an 8th grade student, and her mother told the story on her blog:

I am not sure if this was an official censor. Last month my 8th grade daughter came home from school to tell me that her Health Ed teacher told her that she could not wear her Joan Jett T-shirt to school anymore. “Mom, a lot of the teachers told me it was cool” she mused. In the T-shirt Joan Jett is wearing a t-shirt that says “Sex Pistols”. The word sex was offensive to the teacher.

My daughter has been a big fan of Joan Jett since the movie the Runaways had been released.  We had been collecting Joan Jett T-shirts on all of our trips to New York City. She purchased this particular one with her father and grandmother at Trash & Vaudeville on St. Marks.

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Now, I’m not interested in debating censorship in schools. I went to Catholic school, so uniform restrictions are not weird to me. The world of academia is full of crap like this, and once you leave school it all goes away–to be replaced by crap in “the real world.”

The interesting part of this story is actuallly the response from this woman’s daughter, the offended party in question, in the comments on the blog:

As the daughter with the tee shirt in question, I’m offended you’ve stated that The Runaways movie is what prompted my love of Joan Jett. If anything, my reaction to the movie was, “Ooh, a movie will be released on one of the most influential female rock bands in history, what luck,” not, “Ooh, I just saw this amazing movie, I want to know who this band is!”

With the statement of the movie setting the Joan Jett love off, it has implications that I watched the movie for reasons other than the music. Those reasons, in this entertainment climate, are more likely than not the actress playing Joan Jett- Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart has a number of fangirls, who have followed her work since Twilight, the utter travesty it is.

Your statement of how I discovered the Runaways, in effect, implies that I am a Twilight fan, and that right there is far from the truth.

[/End irrelevant rant.]

Yes, I saw the irony, especially as the lesson that day was on sex.

Insults to Twilight aside, I am EXTREMELY impressed with this Jetthead”s intelligence! Not just in her collegiate-level vocabulary (she will KICK ASS on her SAT’s), but in her thorough knowledge, acceptance, and unconditional love of Joan Jett and The Runaways. This is the smartest 13-year-old (or soon-to-be-13-year-old) on the planet. I am perfectly comfortable leaving this world in her hands when I die.

I just have one message for “gianttacosalad”: You’re wrong about Kristen Stewart and her fans. They’ve been around since well before Twilight. Kristen has made many cool movies that her fans, including me, love her for. Think of it this way: Twilight is Kristen Stewart’s I Love Rock -n- Roll. If someone had accused YOU of only loving Joan Jett because of I Love Rock-n-Roll, I bet you’d be pissed. [/End totally relevant rant.]

Welcome to the Jetthead fandom, gianttacosalad! *waves* We’re proud to count you in our numbers! 😀