Random Joan Jett: ThinkGeek.com ad

As a female, I now have a whole new reason to be scared for my boobs: The folks at ThinkGeek.com are selling a t-shirt that you can play the guitar on. It comes with a mini battery-powered amp that you clip onto your belt, and magnetic picks for strumming. And it came across my radar because they used one to butcher play “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” in a commercial:


Here’s what I don’t get: They’re playing one of the world’s most recognized guitar riffs ever played by a female musician, yet I cannot imagine how a female could ever use this shirt! Nipple bruising does not sound like fun to me. I winced through the entire video. Think about it this way guys: Would you buy a pair of drum kit boxer shorts so you could smack your balls all day to Welcome to the Jungle? I’m going to bet “no.”

Seriously, if you are female with $29.99 plus tax, shipping, handling, and no fear for your boobs WHATSOEVER, please buy one of these shirts and tell me how bad it hurts. And send me the video of you butchering playing a Joan Jett or Runaways song.

Maybe we can get ThinkGeek to donate a portion of their profits for this shirt to breast cancer research.

(And I hope it’s understood–and explicitly explained in the owner’s manual–that you should never wear this contraption in the rain. I love rock ‘n’ roll too, but I wouldn’t die for it. Well, at least not in such a geektastic way.)

Thanks to http://www.kelowna.com for the original tip.

(And yes, I’m being sarcastic on purpose.)