My first radio interview AUDIO POSTED!

Steph and Danielle, "Activity Grrrls' Radio Revolution"

My first radio interview on Activity Grrrls’ Radio Revolution was a success! I had a great time chatting with Steph and Danielle about Joan Jett, The Runaways, the new Greatest Hits CD, and Kristen Stewart!

The girls uploaded the mp3 of the whole show HERE. Click on “Show 3”. Listen for “Trash is the New Glamour” by Zoe Vette and The Revolvers. Zoe’s our friend. 🙂

Let me know what you think!

My first radio interview! Activity Grrrls’ Radio Revolution

Activity Grrrls’ Radio Revolution airs on Hunter College’s WHCS radio station every Tuesday at 2:00 PM Eastern time. On tomorrow’s show, Steph and Danielle are going to interview a very special guest: ME!

You can listen live online tomorrow HERE.

After the show airs, they will archive it HERE. I’ll let you know when they post it. The first show from this semester is already up, and they gave Born to be Jetthead a shout out at the end. Check it out. Thanks guys! (Their shows from last semester are archived here.)

We’re going to talk about Joan Jett and The Runaways from a fan’s point of view. During the interview you will learn such fascinating things as:

  1. My first name.
  2. What a Pittsburghese accent sounds like.
  3. How I feel about Kristen Stewart’s transformation as Joan Jett for The Runaways movie.
  4. What the hell “JJElektric” means.
  5. My favorite Joan Jett and The Blackhearts album.

And more!

I have never done anything like this before, so if it sucks, I will delete this post and pretend it never happened laugh at myself in a healthy, well-adjusted manner.


“Activity Grrrls’ Radio Revolution” inspired by Joan Jett and The Runaways

Our Jetthead friends in New York City, Steph and Danielle, DJ a weekly Joan Jett and The Runaways-inspired radio show, Activity Grrrls’ Radio Revolution, on Hunter College’s WHCS in New York City.  They’re back on the air starting tomorrow, February 23rd, and you can listen to their show online from just about anywhere. Here’s what they play:

A mix of old and new rock n roll, highlighting female artists and giving good music a chance to be heard. Bands you’ll usually hear include Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, Kiss, The Donnas, Lita Ford, The Vacancies, The Ramones, and more…

Stream the live show at every Tuesday between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM Eastern Time.

Check out past shows HERE.

Check them out! If you like them, join their new Facebook group HERE.