Joan Jett joins Instagram, teases new album!

Now for the good news: Joan Jett has joined Instagram: @JoanJett! Follow her NOW!

There are a bunch of cool photos over there already, but this is my favorite — “Listening to a vinyl test pressing. More details to come!”


Sorry for shouting, I guess the seven-year itch is getting to me. 🙂

Joan Jett at “Sound City” premiere

Sound City

Last Thursday, January 31, Joan attended the premiere of Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary and walked the red carpet. She wore the same black leather jacket with the white lining that we saw her in at the Icons of Music II benefit in 2008 with Les Paul. I love that jacket! (Have you seen it anywhere else?)

From Dave Grohl, left, and Joan Jett attend the premiere of “Sound City”, on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP Images)

Lots of other celebrities were there too, I guess. 🙂

Sound City is a documentary directed by Dave Grohl about the legendary San Fernando Valley recording studio, which closed down in 2011. Music for The Runaways movie was recorded there, and the studio scenes in the movie were filmed there.

Visit the official Sound City website HERE. Read Rolling Stone’s review of the film HERE.


1. Joan interview starting 2:57. Dave Grohl bought Sound City’s board when it closed, and Joan has recorded new material on it recently!

2. More cool Dave Grohl interviews – Joan’s not in this one, but you can see her shoulder in places (lol):

Read more and see more pics:


A little something pretty for Valentine’s Day

I had a crappy day. This makes it a little better. Thanks Mikey! (@jettrocker)

Joan and Sandy, enhanced by Mikey Nichols

8 New Stills from ‘The Runaways’

Sundance starts this weekend, and we have eight new stills from The Runaways to get us ready.

UPDATE: There’s a new clip too!


Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley

"Don't move. I just want to try something." 😀

See all of the images in high resolution HERE.

Oh, and if you want to see the real Kim Fowley in an orange suit with glam make-up, watch these videos:


More Joan Jett pics from 9/23 Pittsburgh show

Hello everyone,

I didn’t expect to take this long to post these, but I had to reformat my hard drive and I just got everything back up.

Here’s more pictures from the Clean Energy Jobs Now! rally on 9/23. Click for bigger:

Oh, and since I took all of my scenery shots from the Smithfield Street Bridge, I thought you might like to read more about it:

If this was real Joan Jett merch, I’d buy it

Last night, at the “Clean Energy Jobs Now!” rally (review here), I kept scouring  the stage to look for The Blackhearts’ instruments. Every so often, I’d spot a black heart on something and take a picture of it. I was particularly drawn to this heart sitting on the corner of Thommy’s drum riser:

Cute little thing, isn't it?

Cute little thing, isn't it?

As musical acts left and removed their instruments, more of The Blackhearts’ setup was revealed. In this picture you can see that the heart appears to be on one side of a cube, with the JJBH logo on the adjacent side:

What IS this thing?

What IS this thing?

It was only after the crew finished the band’s setup that I could see this object clearly: it looks like an official, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts logo Kleenex box!!

I have allergies, so this would really come in handy.

I have allergies, so this would really come in handy.

OK, I know it’s not really a Kleenex box, but do any of you know what it might be?