Joan Jett/Runaways comic out now

"New" comic from Bluewater Productions

Back in February, we heard directly from Jay Allen Sanford, author of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics, that a full-length Joan Jett/Runaways/Lita Ford comic would be released in 2010 by Bluewater Productions. JAS gave us the sneak peak of the cover art and some of the panels, and the original description of the comic from the catalog, which was supposed to give equal space to Joan, The Runaways, and Lita. These “new” comics aren’t really new, they’re just refurbished editions of the old Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics series originally published in the early 1990’s. They made one for The Runaways and one for Joan and Lita together. (All biographies in Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics are unauthorized.)

Bluewater announced that the new comic would be released in June, but a few outlets are reporting that they are getting the comic this week. (Source, source, source, and source).

It looks like Lita Ford is no longer a part of this comic. (Boo.) Here is the updated description from Bluewater’s site:

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics, Joan Jett” She is best known for her work with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts including their hit cover “I Love Rock N’ Roll”. This one shot tells about her life from when she was in the “Runaways” to when she broke off to her iconic solo career.

You can also buy the original  Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic from Amazon HERE.

Original Joan/Lita comic from 1993


I haven’t seen the comic yet, but here’s my current opinion: Just go watch The Runaways. You can rent it for two dollars cheaper than this comic costs, and it will last longer.

Hey Bluewater: Why don’t you give Joan her own Female Force comic?!?

(Thanks to @Wasted1 from the Sinners message board for the details!)



The Runaways: Joan Jett, Lita Ford (Hard rock comics)

EXCLUSIVE: Bluewater Productions will publish a full-length Runaways/Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic in 2010

UPDATE 08/24/2010: Click HERE for the latest news on this comic.

A few days ago, I reported on the Joan Jett events and merchandise coming in March, and I told you about the Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic that will be published in Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics Volume 1: Hard Rock Heroes on March 1:

March 1st:

  • Release of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics Volume 1: Hard Rock Heroes. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics series was published in the 1990’s and is now being republished by Bluewater Productions as a series of graphic novels. Volume 1 contains the Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic. These comics were unauthorized biographies, so take it with a grain of salt. But they are still cool to have. You can pre-order Volume 1 at Amazon HERE. The Runaways will make an appearance in Volume 9, SMASH! A Punk/Alternative Retrospective. Read more about each volume HERE. (FYI to Twilight fans: Bluewater Productions also publishes the Female Force comics; you may have seen the one they did on Stephenie Meyer.)

Jay Allen Sanford from Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics reached out to me after seeing that post to give us the exclusive scoop on Bluewater Productions’ upcoming full-length comic dedicated to The Runaways, Joan Jett, and Lita Ford. This news comes to us weeks before Bluewater makes the official public announcement!

I WISH I was being paid to tell you this, but I’m not.

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