Laura Jane Grace’s Cosmopolitan article includes SWEET Joan Jett story

Against Me! is one of my favorite bands, thanks to Joan Jett. In 2006, when Joan had her Sirius satellite radio show, she would talk about them and play their music often. But I really got into them the first time I heard “I Was A Teenage Anarchist,” and then I had to run out and find all of their CDs. Sorry, Against Me!, you’re stuck with me now. 🙂

Laura Jane Grace, Against Me!’s singer, wrote an inspiring story for this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan about her first year as a woman. I’m not surprised that our Joanie is one of her biggest supporters.

My Ally, Joan Jett

One of the first people I received a letter of support from after coming out was Joan Jett, who I knew a little from doing the Warped Tour together in 2006. Joan is a hero of mine and a rock-and-roll pioneer. When she started out, the rock scene was predominantly male. She defied gender stereotypes all on her own. My daughter, Evelyn, is also a huge Joan Jett fan. She asks for Joan’s records to be played and adores her Joan Jett Barbie doll. Against Me! went through New York City on tour with The Cult in June, and I asked Joan if she’d sing a song with us. She and her band had covered The Replacements’ “Androgynous” onstage, and The Replacements are one of my all-time favorite bands. Joan was into the idea! Singing together onstage, I felt so confident and grateful for her support. Back on the tour bus after the show, I watched, astonished, as Joan Jett leaned down and tucked an excited Evelyn, who was supposed to be asleep, into bed.

Please read the rest here:

I wish there were pics of Joan with Evelyn — Joan is awesome with kids! Exhibit A:

Joan serenades Logan

Here’s the video of Joan singing “Androgynous” with Against Me! last year. Loved it!

Laura Jane is a phenomenal songwriter — check out “Soulmates to Strangers” live with The Blackhearts! Cannot WAIT to hear a recorded version of this!

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Lemmy movie featuring Joan in US theaters, will air on VH1 February 11

File this under “Stuff I should have told you MONTHS ago.” My EPIC bad.

Joan Jett is one of the many celebrities interviewed in a new documentary about Lemmy, lead singer and bassist for Motorhead: Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch. Joan and Lemmy have a long history together, going back to The Runaways days, and The Blackhearts toured with Motorhead and Alice Cooper in the UK in 2007.


Vh1 had this big news for metalheads and Motorhead fans: The latest installment of the VH1 Rock Docs, series. “Lemmy” premieres Friday, February 11th at 11:30PM* on VH1, VH1 Classic, and Palladia.

Filmed over the course of three years, “LEMMY” made its world premiere at the 2010 South By Southwest Film and Music Festival, and has since collected rave reviews at film festivals around the globe. Other interviews featured in the film include musicians Dave Grohl, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne, Slash, The Clash’s Mick Jones, Joy Division/New Order’s Peter Hook, IceT, David Navarro, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, as well as actor/musician Billy Bob Thornton and professional wrestler Triple H, all of whom make the case that Lemmy is more than just a tremendous musician: he symbolizes what metal is, what it was, and what it should be. “LEMMY” is currently screening at theaters nationwide and the uncensored director’s cut will be available in stores on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, February 15.

The film has been making the rounds at screenings and festivals all over the world, and has been showing at US theaters since January 13. Here’s a list of upcoming theaters and cities. See the full list of dates at The site says that more dates will be added soon:

  • Jan. 26, San Antonio, Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes **
  • Jan. 27, 9 p.m., Savannah, GA, Muse Arts Warehouse (Psychotronic Film Festival)**
  • Jan. 28-30, Nashville, Belcourt Theatre
  • Jan. 28-29, Auburn, NY, The Auburn Public Theater
  • Jan. 30, Cleveland, The Beachland Ballroom**
  • Feb. 1-2, San Francisco, The Roxie
  • Feb. 2, Portland, ME, SPACE Gallery **
  • Feb. 2, Tucson, AZ, The Loft Cinema **
  • Feb. 2-3, Detroit, The Magic Bag
  • Feb. 3, Philadelphia, The Trocadero**
  • Feb. 4, Boston, Regent Theatre **
  • Feb. 4-10, Seattle, Northwest Film Forum
  • Feb. 4-6, Pittsburgh, Harris Theater
  • Feb. 4-6, Kansas City, MO, Screenland Crossroads
  • Feb. 5: Long Beach, Calif., The Art Theatre of Long Beach **
  • Feb. 5, Macon, GA, Cox Capitol Theatre **
  • Feb. 10, 9:45 p.m., Chicago, The Music Box Theatre**
  • ** One night only

From the official site: “Theaters wanting to book Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch should contact”

More info:

Teaser trailer #1 (YouTube):

Teaser trailer #2 (YouTube) — brief shot of Joan in this one:

Side note…

Before I found the official site with all the US theater dates listed, I googled “Lemmy pittsburgh, pa” to see if the film would screen in my hometown. This was the first hit! Awwwww! (Too bad I’m allergic. I miss having kitties.)


Meow! My name is LEMMY. I need a home and someone to love me.



2011 Rock and roll hall of fame inductees

Joan Jett and The Runaways still have not been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame Fame, and I have no energy to rant about the blatant injustice of the whole process. (Have you signed the petition in my sidebar to get The Runaways inducted?) But at least Joan’s friends/mentors/collaborators are getting in!

Congratulations to Alice Cooper and Darlene Love!

Alice Cooper, “House of Fire,” written by Alice Cooper,  Joan Jett, and Desmond Child:

Joan Jett and Darlene Love — ILRNR & He’s a Rebel live, New Year’s Eve 1985:

Congratulations to all 2011 inductees.