Joan Jett & Miley Cyrus in the Heroes issue of V Magazine

Miley Cyrus chose Joan Jett as her hero in the September “Heroes” issue of V Magazine, on sale now. From

Channeling her inner fangirl, Cyrus, 18, chatted with the 52-year-old Runaways singer, whom she nominated for the September “Heroes” issue of V Magazine.

“People see me as this perfect Disney star, and the moment I put out a record that says ‘I’m not 11 years old anymore,’ people look down on me,” Cyrus said. “That’s why I have always looked up [to] you. When you came out people were shocked that there was a chick that wanted to rock as hard as the guys.”

Jett, in turn, expressed her admiration for the former Disney star, who has it much harder with the press than she did.

“I was thinking to myself … how difficult it must be to lead your life as a teenager with the paparazzi and the amount of press you’re surrounded by,” she told Cyrus. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow that was kind of a blessing that we didn’t have that stuff when I was growing up in The Runaways.’ ”

Said Cyrus: “I love that you never apologized for who you were. It’s something I had to learn. … I’m sick of feeling as if I owe someone an apology for being who I am.”

Ditto, Miley. DITTO.

Miley Cyrus is currently our most outspoken celebrity Jetthead; she has been mentioning Joan in interviews and performing her songs live for the last few years. Joan and Miley also performed together on Oprah earlier this year.

Maybe Miley will help us get #HappyBDayJoanJett to trend on 9/22? Pretty please, Miley?!? 🙂

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Our newest Jetthead: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been talking about Joan Jett for a while now.

In August 2009, she told Matt Lauer on Today that Joan was one of her influences, and she’s been performing “I Love Rock and Roll” live during her most recent tour.

This week, Miley told MTV UK that:

“My favourite artist, the only person I listen to and who I’d like to work with is Joan Jett. For style and music she has a really cool vibe about her.”

Miley has also started singing a medley of Joan tunes during her shows: “I Love Rock-n-Roll,” “Cherry Bomb,” and”Bad Reputation”.

I think a lot of people might be upset that she’s singing these songs, but I’m not. Personally, I’m grateful that she’s opening her fans’ eyes to Joan Jett’s music.

Some people may think that Miley is just a poser who is capitalizing on The Runaways movie to make herself sound edgy. (Which is a little ridiculous since we all know no one saw that movie.)

I’m not a fan of her music, yet, but I prefer to cut her some slack. She’s a teenager now, and her tastes in everything are changing. She’s growing up. Even though I’m an old fart, I still remember what that feels like. Don’t you?

Check out Miley’s new video for “Can’t be Tamed”. You don’t have to like it, I promise. PEACE.

And, Miley, if you’re reading this like the closet Jetthead FREAK I know you are, HI!!! *waves*  😀