Kristen Stewart turned down money to keep her hair for “Eclipse”

I didn’t think I could love Kristen Stewart more.

Kristen told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight earlier this week that she was offered a lot of money to not cut her hair for The Runaways. But she turned it down to give Joan Jett, and her fans, an authentic, sweaty, rock-and-roll performance. That is so “Joan Jett.” 😀

Here’s the video. Wig talk starts at 5:24. The Runaways movie gets a big cheer from the crowd too. 🙂


Thank you, Kristen! And BIG THANKS to Summit Entertainment for not going all “Tony Soprano” on Kristen for her choice. You all did a good thing.

Our newest Jetthead: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been talking about Joan Jett for a while now.

In August 2009, she told Matt Lauer on Today that Joan was one of her influences, and she’s been performing “I Love Rock and Roll” live during her most recent tour.

This week, Miley told MTV UK that:

“My favourite artist, the only person I listen to and who I’d like to work with is Joan Jett. For style and music she has a really cool vibe about her.”

Miley has also started singing a medley of Joan tunes during her shows: “I Love Rock-n-Roll,” “Cherry Bomb,” and”Bad Reputation”.

I think a lot of people might be upset that she’s singing these songs, but I’m not. Personally, I’m grateful that she’s opening her fans’ eyes to Joan Jett’s music.

Some people may think that Miley is just a poser who is capitalizing on The Runaways movie to make herself sound edgy. (Which is a little ridiculous since we all know no one saw that movie.)

I’m not a fan of her music, yet, but I prefer to cut her some slack. She’s a teenager now, and her tastes in everything are changing. She’s growing up. Even though I’m an old fart, I still remember what that feels like. Don’t you?

Check out Miley’s new video for “Can’t be Tamed”. You don’t have to like it, I promise. PEACE.

And, Miley, if you’re reading this like the closet Jetthead FREAK I know you are, HI!!! *waves*  😀

‘The Runaways’ press interview videos

Hello peeps!

I was unemployed when I started this blog, and as of March 10th, I have been earning a real paycheck. My husband is happy, but I have had problems finding balance these last few weeks. I abandoned you during what was quite possibly the busiest Joan Jett and Runaways news month. I have over 44 days of unread Google alerts in my inbox.

But I think I’m finally settling into a rhythm, and I should be able to post here more often.

I’m going to start the spring cleaning fest by pulling together all of the non-Joan Jett press interviews surrounding The Runaways that I’ve missed over the last six weeks or so.  There are too many for one post, so I’ll group the videos from the various premieres into their own posts. I’m going to work through one batch a day until I’m all caught up.

Most of these are Kristen and Dakota, but I’ve got some Michael and Floria in here too. I can’t get enough of listening  to these people talk about our girls. They all make me so proud!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Kristen Stewart says more nice things about Joan Jett

Pilgrim Joanie. *snicker*.

In another recent interview for The Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen Stewart was asked about Joan Jett and her work on The Runaways, and she had some pretty cool stuff to say about our Joanie:

“I don’t think that the Runaways are something that a whole lot of people know about, but I think that everybody knows who Joan Jett is,” Stewart reckons. “But it was really, really hard to become that icon. I don’t know, she’s like a pilgrim. She was the first woman to ever start a record label, but even before that, because it was the ’70s, nobody wanted to see a girl be that strong and play electric guitar and play it that loud.

“People should know where that came from. I’ve grown up feeling very entitled, like I can do whatever I want. But she didn’t have that.”

Jett was a producer of “The Runaways” film and was on set every day.

“It was initially intimidating, just meeting her,” Stewart admits.

“Then I subsequently realized that I would feel like such a fraud if she wasn’t there. How would I have known any details without her? I just would have felt like I was doing an impression with black hair.

“I didn’t want to just mimic her, I wanted to understand what she was going through.”

And that was quite a lot, according to the movie: sexual and pharmaceutical experimentation; fights within the band, with its handlers and rowdy audiences; finding, maintaining and making a going concern of her own artistic voice.

Read the rest HERE.

I can no longer remember which Twitter friend clued me in to this, so thank you all!

The pic of Joan is mine, and the pilgrim hat came from Free Original Clipart at Designed to a T

Kristen Stewart talks about working with Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart did an interview with NBC recently to talk about her upcoming film, The Yellow Handkerchief. She talks about Joan starting at the 1:57 mark.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to @kstewartnews for the tip!

I love Kristen, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of her new movies. 2010 is going to be an exciting year. 🙂

Robert Pattinson says Joan Jett’s Name And I Melt

In a radio interview in the UK, Robert Pattinson says that Kristen Stewart is a really good guitar player and singer, even though she is self-conscious about it and doesn’t give herself enough credit. The interviewer starts the Kristen question at 2:12, and Rob says Joan’s name at 2:27.

Some of you may know that I am also a serious Twilight/Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson fan. (I feel like I’m twelve again, which is amazing.) I’ve been waiting for Rob to say Joan Jett’s name in an interview all year, and it has finally happened! I know this is embarrassing fan-girl stuff, but I don’t care. I am on cloud nine, and I love it!

Thanks to Robsessed for the tip!

(P.S. A PICTURE of Rob and Joan together, just hanging out at a public event, would STOP MY HEART. In a good way. Please, Santa, if you give me this for Christmas, I will make you your favorite pecan tassies, and I will spike the milk with Kahlua. We all know that sled has auto-pilot. Thank you.)