Joan Jett to star in Stephen King Lifetime movie

Maria Bello in Lifetime's 'Big Driver' - via

Maria Bello in Lifetime’s ‘Big Driver’ – via

Joan Jett will star in a Lifetime original movie with Maria Bello that will air October 18!

OK, so it’s not just any Lifetime movie. It’s an adaptation of “Big Driver,” the Stephen King novella, starring Maria Bello as mystery writer Tess Thorne who seeks revenge after she is attacked. Jett will play Betsy Neal, who Thorne turns to for help. Olympia Dukakis is also set for the movie, which begins filming in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this summer and is set to premiere this fall.

I haven’t found any stills of Joan or pics from the set, but they have released some stills with Maria Bello here:

More info:

IMDB page:

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