WATCH: Joan Jett at the APMAs

One of the coolest nights ever!

Here’s Joan receiving her Icon Award at the first-ever Alternative Press Music Awards on July 21st. Laura Jane Grace’s presentation speech STILL gives me chills.

Backstage interview:

Performance with Slash, Laura Jane Grace, and Billy Crooked from the Vacancies – THEY PLAYED STAR,STAR!!

6 thoughts on “WATCH: Joan Jett at the APMAs

  1. I was there! I was just behind the photo pit in front of the microphone where Joan gave her acceptance speech! Totally awesome seeing the performance with Slash and “Star, Star”. Second time I got to see her with Laura Jane Grace play “Soulmates” live! I even saw Against Me at House of Blues in Cleveland the night before. They are phenomenal!

    • That is so awesome!! I was jealous of everyone going until I saw the huge crowd, then I felt better for staying home. I don’t think I could have stood on my feet that long, LOL!! So glad you enjoyed yourself! I can’t wait to see Against Me! live!

  2. Thank you for posting these. 🙂 I got to see the warm ups for Star Star at the No. California shows in July but my DVR cut off the performance on the show!

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