Joan Jett’s Hyundai ad – sweet!

This adorable ad for the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is in heavy rotation on most of the channels I watch. GO JOAN!!

The song is “Real Wild Child,” and was originally recorded by Johnny O’Keefe in Australia in 1958. It has been covered by many artists, and eventually became an Iggy Pop classic. The Blackhearts recorded it in 1997 as the theme song for the first ESPN X-Games.  Their version was the first single released from We Will Fall (Iggy Pop Tribute), and Blackheart later added it to the 1998 re-release of Flashback and the Unfinished Business EP in 2001.

Here’s the original Joan Jett video for your reference. (RIP Joey Ramone, who has a cameo at the beginning.)

One thought on “Joan Jett’s Hyundai ad – sweet!

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