JJBH swept the Rocktagon

OK, I know I’m late to the party on this one, but “Any Weather” swept both Asking Alexandria and Cimino earlier this month to win all six Rocktagon battles. After that, 103 GBF started over with two new bands.

This was one of the best partnerships between the folks at Blackheart Records and the fans I’ve ever seen. Joan’s Facebook and Twitter blew up with contests to entice people to vote, and the Jettheads showed up in droves.

For the most part, the battles were friendly and super classy, but Cimino and their fans actually accused Joan of using bots to get her votes. CAN YOU IMAGINE? After more than 20 years of feeling invisible to the world, this actually makes me feel pretty good!

And Joan Jett fans responded–we exist! See the comments –> http://103gbfrocks.com/cimino-vs-joan-jett-the-blackhearts-rocktagon/


Here’s a summary of everyone Joan was pitted against, and the final poll results. All my best to the other bands. You all fought well:

Rocktagon Poll Results
# Joan Jett The Competition
1 76.25% 23.75% (Lovehammers – “Price I Pay”)
2 57.68% 42.32% (Like A Storm – “Love The Way You Hate Me”)
3 99.07% 0.93% (Beware of Darkness – “All Who Remain”)
4 80.35% 19.65% (You Me At Six – “Room To Breathe”)
5 99.34% 0.66% (Asking Alexandria – “Break Down The Walls”)
6 74.70% 25.3% (Cimino – “Start All Over”)

2 thoughts on “JJBH swept the Rocktagon

  1. Can I tell you…I was actually blocked from the site for a…and I quote…’cooling off period’ because I recorded too many votes within a short period of time. After I read about the above accusation I emailed the station with my concerns that 1) there was suspicion that cheating had taken place and 2) would someone from the radio station have indicated that to the competition?

    I got two very nice replies back saying that in no way was any kind of scripting or ‘bot-like’ behavior suspected and I was thanked for participating in the contests. One of the respondents also used the words ‘losers’ and ‘sore’ but not in that order! 🙂

    Bring on the next victim!

  2. I voted on each one many many times…..but that last one…..after seeing comments by the other band, I could NOT quit voting. Sat for 2 hours refreshing and voting. They just didn’t understand the loyalty of Joan Jett fans.

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