Is Gibson bringing back the Blackheart Melody Maker?

I wish I could have bought this in 2010...

I wish I could have bought this in 2010…


I love it when writes about Joan Jett. So I dove in when I saw this article in my Google alerts today:

As you can see in the red box above, this article was updated on Feb 4, 2014 – yesterday. But as I read the article, I could tell it was not new:

  1. Although the article lists 10 of Joan’s best albums, Unvarnished, her latest,  is not included.
  2. The article “announces” the new Joan Jett Blackheart deluxe Melody Maker, but that guitar has been out of production for a few years.
  3. All of the comments are four years old.

So why is Gibson updating this now? Could they be planning a re-launch of the Blackheart Melody Maker? I HOPE SO!

Gibson released the original white Joan Jett series Melody Maker in 2008, to the tune of about $850.00. In March of 2010, Gibson launched the Blackheart version, to coincide with the release of The Runaways movie. But this guitar was produced in a far more limited release, and it came with a hefty price tag: $1,533.00. The price is why I bought the white one but not the black one. I regret not buying it, and I wish they would re-release the Blackheart model. I cannot find a used one for sale ANYWHERE.

So why do I suspect that Gibson might actually do this?

  1. Unvarnished is out – and it debuted in the top 50 of the Billboard 200 chart,
  2. The article above was “updated” yesterday, AND
  3. The Blackheart Melody Maker page, despite still listing the guitar as being out of production, now has a “starting at” price–of $899. If they do relaunch the guitar, and keep the price under $1,000, I think they will sell A LOT of these.


Now, all of this may mean nothing, BUT, the white Melody Maker is also out of production, but it’s starting price is listed as “N/A” on the Gibson site. So maybe there is hope for the Blackheart model!

Share this and tell Gibson that we want the Blackheart Melody Maker back!!

2 thoughts on “Is Gibson bringing back the Blackheart Melody Maker?

  1. I happen to have a mint 2010 blackheart melody maker. I’ve been trying to find the current value, as I’ve been thinking about downsizing and selling it. Fabulous guitar, I absolutely love the neck, and don’t forget the kill switch.

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